Pets at Schiphol and on-board - Have dog, will travel

You’re welcome to bring your pet along with you to Schiphol. However, please make sure you follow these rules to protect you, your pet and other passengers.

Animal passport

Dogs in the arrival and departure halls

Your canine friend must always be kept on a lead or tied up when it’s in the terminal. We don’t have dog toilets and you’ll need to clean up after it – so please bring a pooper-scooper or plastic bag supply.

Flying with pets

Every airline sets their own rules for travel with animals, so please plan accordingly. Nearly all airlines regularly fly with pets on board and have a special heated section for them in the cargo hold. You can also arrange for your pet to travel without you on a separate flight.

Travel documents for pets

Most of the time, you will need to travel with the following travel documents for your pet:

  • A pet passport
  • A valid health certificate signed by an authorised veterinarian. In some countries, certificates older than 2 days may not be valid
  • A valid rabies certificate signed by a local veterinary inspector or another official. The animal must have been vaccinated against rabies at least 28-days before departure. Vaccinations administered more than a year ago are not valid in some countries.
Pet pro-tips