Up-to-date information in the Schiphol app: Your personal airport assistant

Looking for flight information? Stay up-to-date with our useful Schiphol app. Furthermore, the app will show you where your check-in desk and boarding gate are. We will keep you informed of important changes for your trip, if you turn on the notifications. And you can easily and quickly organise a parking space with the app.

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Schiphol app

App features

Up to date flight information

Enter a flight number, origin, or destination and the Schiphol app will provide you with up to date flight information, so you know exactly when and where you need to be. With notifications, we will keep you up to date about changes. Real-time.


Based on your location at Schiphol, you can easily find your way to your designated check-in counter and boarding gate. Or navigate to your favourite store or restaurant at the airport using the Schiphol app.

Parking space

Book a parking space at the airport from anywhere. Choose for outdoor or indoor parking within walking distance of the departure and arrival halls or with a short connection by bus.

See Buy Fly voucher

Claim your voucher for a € 5 discount. It can be used at various shops at the airport.

Download the Schiphol app

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