Up-to-date information in the Schiphol app: Your personal airport assistant

Looking for flight information? The official Amsterdam Schiphol Airport app is your essential guide for a stress-free journey. Track all departing and arriving flights and receive updates about gate changes, delays and airport updates.

Don’t miss any information and download the Schiphol App:

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  • Reserve your parking spot

    Find a parking spot that suits your needs

  • Follow your flight

    And receive notifications with real-time updates of your flight

  • Your personal itinerary

    This way you are well prepared for travel

  • Carry-on discounts

    Receive a discount with the SeeBuyFly voucher

  • Find your way easily

    Use the interactive map and never get lost

  • Find a quiet spot

    Discover quiet spots so you can easily maintain a 1.5-metre distance