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Travelling through Schiphol? Then it is good to know that together with our partners, we make the start of your journey as pleasant as possible. And with the tips and information you'll find on this page, you also contribute to a smooth journey.

Frequently asked questions

Prepare for your flight

Where can I find departure and arrival times?
What does Schiphol do in concrete terms when it’s busy?
How long before my flight do I have to arrive at Schiphol?
Why did I still have to queue, even though I arrived at Schiphol on time?

Hand baggage

What can I bring in my hand baggage?
Can I bring a pet with me in my hand baggage?
Can I bring a jar of peanut butter or chocolate spread with me?
Can I bring a bottle of alcohol that I buy at Schiphol on to the plane with me?
I am going abroad for a longer period of time and need to take medication for personal use. Is this allowed?
I would like to bring medication for a friend or family member. Is this allowed?
How much baby food can I bring in my hand baggage?
I have to express milk before I fly. Can I bring this in my hand baggage and how much?
I need cooling elements for my expressed milk. Is this allowed in my hand baggage?
I heard that you can leave your laptop and liquids in your hand baggage at Schiphol – is that true?

Hold baggage & Odd-size baggage

How large can my hold baggage be?
How does security check hold baggage?
Can my suitcase be opened at Schiphol?
What type of baggage is considered as odd-sized?
Which conditions and rates apply for odd-sized baggage?
Can I take my pet with me on the plane?
I’m going to participate in winter sports – can I take my skis or snowboard with me?
Can I bring a hoverboard or oxboard into my luggage?
Can I bring my bicycle with me?

Travelling with children

How do I prepare for travelling with children?
I am travelling with my child, but without my (ex-) partner. How does this work?
Can my child travel on my lap in the plane?
Can I take a baby buggy, pushchair or pram to the gate?


Do I always need to bring my passport when travelling abroad?
Do I always need to bring my passport when travelling abroad?
Can I obtain an emergency travel document at Schiphol?
I have a complaint or comment about passport control. Who can I contact?


How do I go through security as fast as possible?
When can I use the security lane for ‘Small Bags Only’?
Should I expect additional security measures when travelling to the USA?
Is the security scanner harmful to my health?
Is my privacy guaranteed during the security scan?
Can the security scanner see me naked?
How does Millimetre Wave Technology work?
I prefer not to go through the security scan. What can I do?

Transfer passenger

Where do I park to pick up or drop-off travellers?

Lost & found

I lost something. What should I do?