Smoking at Schiphol Before and After Security

Locations after security:
D-pier, E-pier, F-pier, G-pier, Holland Boulevard, Lounge 1, Lounge 2, Lounge 3, Lounge 4
Locations before security:
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When you are craving a cigarette

Craving a cigarette after your flight? You can only smoke outside, or in specially-designed smoking rooms in Lounge 2 and 3.

You'll find smoking rooms in Lounges 2 and 3. The clearly-marked rooms are usually situated right next to restaurants. These rooms are very convenient if you want to enjoy a cigarette before or after a meal. Simply follow the ' Smoking Room' signs.

Please use the public smoking bays if you want to smoke outside. The bays are located on both the arrivals and departures level, right outside of Schiphol Plaza.

Smoking e-cigarettes is not allowed anywhere in the airport, that includes the smoking rooms.

Did you know…

In The Netherlands, smoking is banned in all enclosed public spaces.

Dutch hospitality sector smoking areas to close

The Supreme Court of The Netherlands issued a ruling in September 2019 that all smoking areas in the Dutch hospitality sector must be closed. This decision will of course be respected by Schiphol and we are working with our partners on finding a suitable solution. Our airport has a number of smoking areas after security checks that are connected to public areas. The consequences of the ruling are being discussed with business partners who use these spaces.

Locations and opening times

After Security

Before Security

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