Smooth transfers: Time flies at Schiphol

Check your connecting flight

  1. Monitors There are monitors all over Schiphol displaying up to date flight information.
  2. Online Enter your flight details for personalised travel advice.
  3. Schiphol app You can save your flight in the Schiphol app and get an alert whenever there's any new flight information.

Check-in for your flight connection

Simply visit one of the transfer desks. You’ll be given your new boarding pass there. If you are flying with KLM, you can save even more time by using one of the self-service machines.

Your baggage in safe hands

Most of the time, your baggage will be automatically sent to your connecting flight. The only exception is if you’re travelling on two separate tickets. In that case, your baggage will be delivered to baggage reclaim area. All you need to do is collect your baggage from the carousel and check it in again. For more information, please visit your airline transfer desk.

Time to spare at Schiphol?

Time flies at Schiphol. It's the perfect place to shop, relax, eat and people-watch to your heart's content. If you need some inspiration, take a look at the 'Things to Do at Schiphol' page, or download the Schiphol App.