Transferdesk After Security

Locations after security:
D-pier, GH hall, Holland Boulevard, Lounge 1
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Stroll to your next flight

Every day, thousands of travellers change flights at Schiphol. Most of them already carry a boarding pass for their next flight. If you don’t have a boarding pass, simply follow the signs to your airline’s transfer desk.

Visit the transfer desk

The friendly airline transfer desk staff can:

  • Issue a boarding pass for your next flight
  • Change flight details
  • Assist with missed or cancelled flights
  • Source a totally new ticket for you.

KLM travellers are also welcome to use the easy-to-use self service machines. All instructions are displayed on-screen.

Transfer desk locations

Simply follow the ‘Transfer Desk’ signs. All Skyteam member airline transfer desks can be found in T2, T4 or T6. All others can be found at T3, T5 or T9.

Locations and opening times

After Security

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