Free WiFi for everyone

Surf the web for free

The internet is a great way to pass the time if you have a few hours to burn. Schiphol Airport has free WiFi, which is available everywhere indoors. Simply log in to the Schiphol Airport network with your laptop or smart device.

Free basic internet anytime, anywhere

Our free WiFi network 'Airport_Free_Wifi' is great for checking your email or browsing online. Simply search for 'Schiphol' in your device's settings. The network allows you to remain online in four-hourly increments. Once your four hours are up, simply re-join the network to restore access.

Work in peace and quiet at our computers

The internet lounge is ideal if you prefer to use a desktop computer. All of our computers have secure connections, so it's good to know that your privacy will be well-protected. We automatically wipe all of your personal data from the computer once your session is finished.

Download more with our premium service

For more download-intensive activities online, you may wish to pay for access to our premium network. It's great if you want to watch videos, send larger files, or download apps and updates. Simply look for Schiphol's Premium network 'Airport_Paid_Premium_Wifi' using your device. Payment can be made with PayPal or a credit card.

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