News: New (temporary) passenger flow Lounge 1

Another step in the Lounge 1 redevelopment project. As of Tuesday 18 June, travellers will be making use of a new (temporary) passenger flow. The first phase of this reorganisation is the prelude to the final situation where we will start using the newly built Cockpitplein.

Published on: 11 June 2024

A lot of hard work has gone into creating the new passenger flow over the past few months. A large part of the expansion was prepared in KLM's former Crew Centre (BMC). On Tuesday 18 June, we will start using this space, thus shifting the border between landside and airside. This is the first step we're taking towards expanding the lounge from 15,000 to 20,000 square metres.

Clean sweep

Prior to the opening of this new space, a so-called clean sweep will take place on Tuesday 11 June. This is a process whereby security makes sure that the area is 'clean' and safe, meaning that it can be given airside status. The commissioning will also take place during this period. Thanks to this very comprehensive audit of fire alarms and evacuation systems, among other things, we can be confident that we can safely use this new area.


In the night of 17 to 18 June, we will start moving the construction hoardings in order to open the new flow. The hoardings will be placed around the Cloud area.

New toilet block

When the new flow is introduced on 18 June, the familiar yellow wayfinding signs will have been placed and the new toilet block completed. Schiphol Airport Retail (SAR) is opening its first new retail location that day, with the Gassan and Lagardere locations following soon.