News: Testing scenarios for buses and temporary stops

During the renovation of the bus station at Plaza, travellers can continue to use the bus station. The bus stops will move slightly and be given a different location outside the work area. To assess whether the situation we devised on paper also works in practice, a test with Connexxion and Arriva buses was carried out last week. The area with temporary stops was recreated at the CIS bus station along Koepelstraat and all scenarios were tested extensively.

Temporary bus stop test

Published on: 28 May 2024

The situation was recreated as closely as possible at the CIS bus station using fences. The bus drivers drove different routes so that multiple situations could be assessed. And whether bus drivers and travellers can see each other well enough when crossing the zebra crossings was tested. Assessments were made on the spot, but the various scenarios were also recorded on film so that they can be viewed again later on in the process.