Assistance for departures from Schiphol

Whether you’re a seasoned traveller or going on your first summer holiday flight, we want to help you as best we can. On this page you’ll find a step-by-step plan that shows what you can expect at Schiphol and how we can provide assistance. It’s important that you let your airline know you need assistance when booking your ticket. That’s step 1 taken care of already!

Step 1: Request assistance 48 hours before departure

When booking a ticket, you can let your airline know that you require assistance. If you let us know at least 48 hours before departure, we can help you faster at Schiphol. You can also request assistance at the check-in desk or at a call point, but you may need to wait longer to be helped. Read more about requesting assistance

Step 2: Arrive at the airport on time

It is very important that you are at Schiphol on time, so that we can assist you and get you on board the plane first. Make sure that you are in the departure hall as soon as the check-in desk for your flight opens. You can inquire about this with your airline or look up your flight details. You should also plan your journey to Schiphol carefully. If you’re coming by car, reserve a parking spot in advance. There are parking spaces for people with reduced mobility at every car park. It’s also possible to stop at Kiss & Ride in front of the departure hall and let someone else park your car. Read more about parking at Schiphol with a mobility impairment here. If you’re coming by train, the NS can also provide assistance. Find out more about that on

Step 3: Check-in and the assistance desk

After arriving in the departure hall at Schiphol, first go to the check-in desk for your flight. Do you need help with the check-in? Go to the assistance desk in the departure hall or to one of the call points with the Assistance symbol. Have you already checked in online? Then report your arrival at a call point or at your check-in desk and then go to the assistance desk. Here you meet the assistant who will guide you according to your needs, either with or without a wheelchair. You may also go to the gate in your own wheelchair. You can collect a green lanyard at the assistance desk. This is a key cord that shows you have a hidden disability, which does not give you priority but does allow you to go through the checks at your own pace.

Step 4: Through the checks

From the assistance desk, you first go through the gates where you scan your boarding pass. There’s a wide entrance for wheelchairs. Next, you will go to the security check. In departure halls 1, 2 and 3, take the lift to the second floor to go to security. Here a security officer will check you, any medical baggage you have (including documentation) and your mobility aids, such as a wheelchair. Clearly state what is and is not possible for you in relation to the check. After security you may need to go through passport control, where the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee checks your passport/ID and boarding pass.

Step 5: Getting to your gate

After the checks you head to the gate where your plane is departing from. You can walk to the gate with your assistant, get there in your (loan) wheelchair, or make use of our caddy. That’s an electric cart that takes you and other travellers to the gate. Want to do some shopping or grab something to eat or drink? You can do that independently. You can also use this time to visit the bathrooms before boarding. There are disabled toilets at the gates – your assistant can accompany you to the door. You’ll say goodbye to your assistant at the gate, unless you need help getting on the plane. If you arrive at your gate well before boarding time, the assistant will visit you every 30 minutes. If you have more time, you can also wait in the Assistance Lounge until you are taken to the gate.

Step 6: Boarding the plane

If you need assistance with boarding, an assistant will help you. We strive to get you on board first, so that you have the time and space to get to your seat. At some locations it isn’t possible to board using a passenger bridge. In that case, a bus takes you to the aircraft. If you can climb stairs, you can go in the regular bus along with your assistant and other travellers. If climbing stairs is difficult or impossible, we’ll take you to the plane in our own wheelchair bus or ambulift and help you all the way to your seat. We can also help stow your hand baggage.

In case you need to use your own wheelchair, we use a mobile lift to get you into the plane. If necessary, we can lift you into your seat and help you store your hand baggage. The airline loads your wheelchair into the hold of the aircraft. We then say goodbye to you on board. The cabin staff will then take care of you and the other passengers. Your airline will inform the destination airport of your arrival.

Would you like more information about what happens on board? Your airline will be happy to tell you more.


Let the assistant know precisely how you want to be guided. Your wishes are leading when it comes to our service.