Guidance, medicines and aids: Who and what is allowed with you?

Are you flying alone, with a companion or with a guide dog? Do you need medication or aids such as a walking stick, wheelchair or walking frame during your trip? Here you can read who and what can travel with you. Always check with your airline what conditions apply for bringing guidance, medicines and aids. These conditions can vary depending on the airline.

PRM assistance aids and companion

Formal companion

For your own safety, your airline may require you to travel with a formal companion. This probably applies if you:

  • cannot independently follow and/or implement the safety regulations on board. This involves, for example, fastening your seat belt, grabbing and putting on a mask or putting on a life jacket and moving to the emergency exit yourself.

Ask your airline or travel agency for the conditions.

Medicines and medical aids

You can take an unlimited number of medicines and medical devices with you free of charge, but make sure you have the correct documents with you. Your airline or travel agency will be happy to tell you which ones they are. Do you require medical oxygen or breathing equipment (respirator/ventilator) on board? We recommend that you let your airline know in advance.

Mobility aids

If you use mobility aids such as a wheelchair, walking stick or walking frame, you can also take an unlimited number of them with you. Two of these items are free of charge. The permitted sizes and weights, required paperwork and other conditions vary per airline. Always ask your airline about the conditions that apply, so that you are not faced with any surprises. If you are flying with an electric wheelchair, you must indicate this in advance.

Flying with your guide dog

Your guide dog or service dog can of course also fly with you. Your dog must be certified as a guide/service dog and have the correct documents. You also need to let your airline know about your dog, as certain conditions may apply. Check with your airline before you come to the airport. At Schiphol there are walking areas for your guide dog at the front and back of the security check. Please feel free to ask our assistance about this.