Parking for the mobility impaired : Easily-accessible parking

Mobility-impaired travellers will always be able to find a convenient car space at Schiphol. All airport-based car parks have accessible car spaces located near lifts, entrances and exits. If you plan to use long-term parking at P3, a wheelchair-accessible bus will take you from the car park to the terminals within minutes.

No hidden costs

It costs you nothing extra to use an accessible car space. Simply book online at your preferred Schiphol Parking car park. Just make sure that your blue disabled parking card, called an ‘invalidekaart’ in Dutch, is displayed clearly on your car dashboard. Your badge may come from the Dutch transport authority, or from the relevant transport authority in another EU country.

Our airport assistants will be more than happy to help you get to and from the terminal. Please make sure you book their services with enough advance notice.

List of accessible parking locations

Here is a list of where you will find the accessible car spaces at all Schiphol Parking car parks:

There are no accessible car spaces at Schiphol Terminal Valet. However, these are not needed because your car will be taken to a nearby location for storage, and brought back when you return. If you need help or assistance, please alert an airport assistant in advance.

Pick-up and drop-off

Many accessible car spaces are available in front of the departure halls. You can park for up to 1 hour, provided you leave your disabled parking card visible on the dashboard of your car.

Travelling with your parking card

If you need to take your disability card away with you while traveling, you can only use unsheltered parking at P3. You must visit the parking office next to the entrance to register. After that, the attendant will ensure you have somewhere convenient to park without leaving your card behind.