Parking for the mobility impaired : Easily-accessible parking

Mobility-impaired travellers will always be able to find a convenient car space at Schiphol. All airport-based car parks have accessible car spaces located near lifts, entrances and exits. If you plan to use long-term parking at P3, a wheelchair-accessible bus will take you from the car park to the terminals within minutes.

No hidden costs

It costs you nothing extra to use an accessible car space. Simply book online at your preferred Schiphol Parking car park, or turn up on the day of departure. Select a free disabled parking space and make sure that your EU parking card for people with disabilities (not a copy!) is clearly displayed on your dashboard. If you need your EU disabled person's parking card at your destination, please see below.

Our Passenger Assistants will be more than happy to help you get to and from the terminal.

List of accessible parking locations

Here is a list of where you will find the accessible car spaces at all Schiphol Parking car parks:

Pick-up and drop-off

Many accessible car spaces are available in front of the departure halls. You can park for up to 1 hour, provided you leave your disabled parking card visible on the dashboard of your car.

Travelling with your parking card

If you need to take your disability card away with you while traveling, it must be duplicated by us. You can only park at P3 Sheltered or P3 Unsheltered. You will find here disabled parking spaces, recognizable by the international symbol of accessibility. This parking spaces cannot be booked and are intended for anyone with a disability card. To have the card duplicated by us, you can request this at one of the intercoms at the entrances and exits and the payment machines at P3 Sheltered and Unsheltered parking. We will come your way as soon as possible. Take into account a waiting time of max. 20 minutes. You take the original card with you and place the duplicate behind your windshield.