Travelling with a hidden disability

Rolling suitcases, information screens, lots of travellers and various airport processes. At a large airport like Schiphol, there's a lot to take in. Travelling can sometimes be quite stressful and this is especially true for travellers with hidden disabilities such as autism. This can be a barrier to travelling by plane. At Schiphol Airport, we want to serve all travellers the best we can. That is why a special lanyard is available for travellers with hidden disabilities.

A subtle sunflower symbol

You will be recognised with it at airports worldwide: the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower lanyard. As the name suggests, it is a lanyard with sunflowers on it. It is a symbol that subtly shows those around you that you need extra support, help or a little more time. By wearing this lanyard at Schiphol, our staff will take this into account and give you a little more time during your journey through the airport, like at the security check.

Would you also like a lanyard like this?

Do you have a hidden disability that means you need more time to go through security and passport control comfortably? On the day of departure, ask for the green lanyard at the Assistance desk in the departure hall. You will find the desk after check-in. The lanyard can also be ordered from the Hidden Disabilities website. You can stay with your travelling companions and go through security and passport control together. You will not be given priority, but you can go through the checks at your own pace.

Do you need assistance?

Do you need assistance at the airport? Please indicate this when booking your ticket or journey, up to 48 hours before departure at the latest. Your airline or travel agency will pass this information on to us

Travel well prepared

Travelling through Schiphol Airport? Make sure you are well prepared. We are committed to working with our partners to make the start of your journey as pleasant and safe as possible. And with the tips and information you will find here, you too can contribute to a smooth journey. We wish you a pleasant journey!

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