Requesting assistance: Please notify us with your assistance needs

Do you need assistance at the airport? Please directly indicate this when booking your ticket or trip. Your airline or travel agency will pass this information on to us.

Notify your prm passengers on time

Requesting assistance

When reserving assistance, notify us (if possible) of:

  • How we can best be of assistance;
  • Whether you are able to walk, and if so, how far;
  • Whether you are able to climb stairs;
  • Whether we may escort you in a wheelchair other than your own;
  • Which medical aids/medical baggage you will be bringing;
  • The details for any formal companion you may have.

We need to receive your request for assistance no later than 48 hours before departure. If your request is received later, we will still do our very best to assist you. Please be prepared to possibly wait longer in that case. For requests received less than 1.5 hours before departure, rest assured we will still do our best to accommodate you, but we can no longer guarantee timely assistance. Requests received within an hour before departure are usually not accepted by airlines. It may mean that you cannot board first, or that you may miss your flight. So, come to our desk well in advance of your scheduled departure time to ensure you receive timely assistance. For more information, please visit our Quality Standard page.

Tip: Include proof of your request for assistance in your carry-on luggage.