From Schiphol - Getting out and around

It’s very easy to find public transport at Schiphol. It’s barely a 3-minute walk to train, bus, taxis and rental car desks, with many options available around-the-clock. Simply collect your bags, follow the signs from the Arrivals Hall, and you’ll be on your way in no time.

Board the train

The Schiphol Airport train station is located directly below the airport. It only takes a couple of minutes to walk from the arrival halls to Schiphol Plaza. From there, the escalators and lifts descend to the platform.

Catch the bus

Buses cover the entire breadth and width of the country. At Schiphol, buses leave from outside Schiphol Plaza, which is just a few minutes' walk from the arrival halls.

Take a taxi

Nothing can beat the ease of a taxi ride from airport to hotel after a flight. Simply head to the taxi rank in front of Schiphol Plaza. You’ll find cars and larger vans, which are ideal for group travellers. Official taxis in the Netherlands are metered, and many drivers also speak English. For business taxis, simply book through Schiphol Business Taxi online or over the phone.

Park or rent a car

Let’s face it – it’s always better to be in the driver’s seat. You can either reserve a car online in advance, or show up to the car rental desks in Schiphol Plaza. There are representatives from many major car rental chains that will be ready to assist. Most rental cars are parked in the car parks, which are accessible by covered walkway. Are you picking-up or dropping-off? At Schiphol you'll always find a convenient car space near the terminals.

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