About us: This is the Schiphol Fund

A table tennis table for TTV Tempo-Team in Amsterdam, a mini football field for VV Westzaan and play equipment for Montessorischool Floriande in Hoofddorp: since 1994, the Schiphol Fund has helped a great many sports initiatives in the local community around Schiphol. That’s how we keep moving!

Our goal

The Schiphol Fund promotes physical exercise in Schiphol’s wider area. Exercise brings people together and is beneficial for health, vitality and integration. The general and special donations awarded by our independent Board members help clubs, foundations and other organisations to make their non-professional sports initiatives a reality.

More than exercise

We assess every application on more than just the exercise element. The initiatives should also be sustainable, help as many people as possible from all areas of society, and involve volunteers. The Schiphol Fund is open to everyone: young, old, able-bodied and people with a physical or psychological disability.

Small and large donations

Are you thinking about applying to the Schiphol Fund? You can apply for small and large donations. Small donations are intended to be used for things like sports and games equipment, targets, judo mats, basketball nets and exercise equipment. Larger donations can be used to contribute to projects such as a multi-functional sports field or a BMX starting gate.

Submit your own application

You are more than welcome to submit an application to the Schiphol Fund. Whichever form of sponsorship you apply for, your project needs to:

  • Facilitate more physical exercise;
  • Enable people to exercise better;
  • Be sustainable: it should last a long time and aim to use environmentally-friendly materials;
  • Be open to everyone;
  • Be self-supporting: run by volunteers, campaigns, self-reliance;
  • And of course it has to be based near Schiphol.