Conditions to be eligible for a donation: Is your initiative eligible?

The Schiphol Fund donates money to support new initiatives that motivate people to take up an exercise activity in the local community around the airport. We’d love to help everyone, but not all projects are eligible to receive a donation. Read our conditions here.

Your project is eligible if:

  • It involves concrete sports equipment, playground equipment (that encourages movement) or a sports floor
  • It encourages physical exercise at an amateur level
  • Your club or organisation is registered with the Chamber of Commerce and is officially based within our area of operation and is not run for profit and the initiative will take place in our area of operation and also the majority of participants come from there.
  • You can demonstrate that 100% of the donation will go to fund your project for physical exercise
  • Your initiative is largely funded by the organization itself and the missing part that you apply for from the Schiphol Fund is a maximum of € 10,000
  • Your organisation has not received any donations from the Schiphol Fund in the last three years.

When are you not eligible?

However much the Schiphol Fund would like to help your initiative as well, we are unable to accept all the donation requests we receive. Your project is not eligible if:

  • The items have already been ordered or delivered
  • The item is not needed right away in order for you to get started (clothing, prizes, rent, changing rooms)
  • There are fewer than 25 people in the target group
  • It’s not an active form of physical activity, such as mind sports, billiards or jeu-de-boules for physically healthy people
  • The activity has a specific nature (religious, cultural, political)
  • It is an event (sports tournaments)
  • It involves earthworks for the preparation of, for example, a football pitch
  • You are a public body, VvE, residents' association, garden park, fundraising organisation or a school with an application for a schoolyard
  • You have also submitted an application to Schiphol’s Living Environment foundation. You must first decide to which you want to apply. Is your initiative more related to physical activity or to quality of life?

Sports associations, care facilities and non-commercial village halls

A public sports field at your care facility or village hall? Feel free to send your request, but please bear the following in mind:

Sports association
As a sports association you can apply for a project related to sport and exercise, exclusively within the branch of sport for which the association was founded. In other words: a football club can only submit applications in the field of football, a hockey club for hockey, etc. Applications for a gym for training are therefore not honored, unless it is specific to the sport in question.

Care facilities
You can apply on behalf of a care facility for a project or initiative relating to sport and exercise. Preference will be given to a project for the widest possible audience that is publicly accessible and involves a large group of volunteers. Additionally, in this case the project must not be part the organisation’s care task, and no official (government) subsidy must be available to carry it out.

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