How it works: What happens after I submit my application?

The Schiphol Fund assesses all the applications they have received on separate occasions each year. If you are submitting an application yourself, you can find the closing dates here, together with the dates when the Board will make a decision on your application and when we could present the cheque for your project.

Important dates in 2021

Closing date to receive applications Board meeting Presentation
5 February 5 March 26 March
14 May 11 June 2 July
1 October 29 October 26 November

NOTE: Due to the economic consequences of the corona crisis, 2021 will only have three donation rounds, instead of four.

Procedure for donations

You can apply for a donation at any point throughout the year. When we receive your application, we will check whether it meets the conditions. If your application satisfies all the requirements, it will be assessed at the first Board meeting. You will be informed whether or not your project has been awarded a donation no later than two weeks after the meeting takes place. We don’t specify the amount you will receive until we present the cheque, which takes place at Schiphol (as soon as this will be possible again within the corona measures).

When you apply for a large donation and the Board decides that your application merits further investigation, we will invite you to come and give a presentation. One of the things that is considered with larger donations is: is there a large, well-thought-out financial plan and is it about co-financing? After your presentation the Board will decide whether to award your initiative a donation. If we decide to award you the funding, the money will be presented on location.

What if my application is rejected?

If the Schiphol Fund decides not to award any funding, you will be informed of this in writing within two weeks. If your application is rejected because it doesn’t meet our conditions, you will receive a message from us.

When will the money be transferred?

So your application has been approved? Congratulations! When the cheque was presented, we also gave you a financial statement. You need to complete the statement and post the original, together with the signed quotation or the order confirmation, to het Schipholfonds, Postloc 01-13, Postbus 7501, 1118 ZG Schiphol. We will transfer the money as soon as possible after we receive these documents.

Do I have to assume financial accountability?

Yes, you are required to accept financial accountability for the money received. Once the money has been awarded, you have exactly one year to post us all invoices and proofs of payment relating to the donation you have been awarded.

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