Schiphol Fund Board: We are the Schiphol Fund

The Schiphol Fund’s Executive Board is energetic and independent, and the members always keep moving. Our Board members use their expertise in the field of sport and exercise to ensure that we thoroughly examine each and every funding application, right down to the very last detail. That’s who we are!

Kees Boef

Treasurer of the Schiphol Fund

Annemariecke Schneider

Schiphol Fund Chairwoman

I experience how wonderful it is to move every day when I take my bike from my hometown of Haarlem to work in Hoofddorp. Movement and cycling are things that make me feel happy and great. My 3 boys also exercise a lot with football, running and other fitness activities. I hope everyone gets to enjoy exercise and sport, and the Schiphol Fund helps with that. I think it's an honour to contribute to the Schiphol Fund's objectives, in which exercise is central to everyone's well being.

Sonja de Gruijter-Lentelink

Schiphol Fund Board Member

‘Getting exercise is very good for your health and it’s important for both body and mind. It helps clear your head, meaning you can work feeling refreshed and more focused. If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that it is not only about physical activity, but also about connecting with others and staying healthy by exercising together. The Schiphol Fund can help by providing support where it’s needed.’

Aylin Bilic

Schiphol Fund Board Member

'Exercise is very important for everyone. It helps me to find balance in daily life. My daughter does a lot of sports: hockey, gymnastics, free running and skateboarding. I see how happy it makes her. That’s why I wholeheartedly contribute to the ambitions of the Schiphol Fund. I ensure that we pay enough attention to sports clubs in neighbourhoods with socio-economic disadvantages and little greenery. Having an easily accessible sports club in the neighbourhood can really give children an extra boost.'

Teun de Nooijer

Board member Schiphol Fund

‘I’m glad to be involved in the Schiphol Fund as a board member. My history with sport (hockey, to be precise) means I know how nice it is to be able to practise sports indoors and outdoors. Sport also really helped my personal development, and that’s something I wish for everyone. There’s something magical about doing exercise or playing sports with others. You get to know yourself and each other better and it leads to many life-long friendships.’

Corry van Iperen

Schiphol Fund Secretary

‘As secretary I have a lot of contact with the people making the applications, and I can offer guidance where necessary. The Schiphol Fund is a great organisation that does its best to bring as much vitality as possible to the area around Schiphol. Everyone needs exercise! It’s great to be part of this initiative.’

Inge Jonker

Financial coordinator Schiphol

‘As the financial coordinator at Royal Schiphol Group, I’m in charge of all the financial matters for the Schiphol Fund. I also do my best to attend all the presentations – they bring the facts and figures to life. It’s rewarding, helping sports clubs to make their initiatives a reality.’

Financial information

Stichting het Schipholfonds is a Public Benefit Organisation (ANBI).
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