Schiphol Fund Board: We are the Schiphol Fund

The Schiphol Fund’s Executive Board is energetic and independent, and the members always keep moving. Our Board members use their expertise in the field of sport and exercise to ensure that we thoroughly examine each and every funding application, right down to the very last detail. That’s who we are!

Tom Egbers

Chair of the Schiphol Fund

‘Anyone who has any contact with a sports club can see how important volunteers are to those clubs each week. The secretariat, the people in the cafeteria, the person in charge of the equipment, the cleaner who keeps the dressing room in order; they are the club. When these amateur clubs lack resources, they can end up stagnating, declining and losing members. In that case, the Schiphol Fund can offer a lifeline so people not only take up exercise for a while, but really keep moving.’

Heleen Kuijten-Koenen

Treasurer of the Schiphol Fund

‘Schiphol employees live by the motto “Work is Exercise”.’ We want to expand that motto into our local community, whether that be for sport, hobbies or work. Exercise helps us perform better – our bodies and minds need that movement. Not everyone has access to all the resources they need, which is why the Schiphol Fund is keen to make a contribution. Because that’s important to us! I swing into action both on and off the sports field to promote exercise!’

Monique Hollenkamp

Schiphol Fund Board Member

‘The Schiphol Fund is keen to encourage local residents to do more exercise. Exercise keeps us healthier for longer, and it helps you enjoy life. It’s really important for people with reduced mobility to exercise too, and if the Schiphol Fund can promote that kind of exercise, I’m glad to do my bit to help.’

Floris Vels

Schiphol Fund Board Member

‘Sitting is the new smoking. If you don’t get enough exercise, you’re more likely to get ill – but if you get a lot of exercise you’ll get better quicker. Sport also has an important role to play in connecting society: it brings people together. By focusing all its efforts on increasing participation in sports and exercise, the Schiphol Fund is doing its bit for a healthy community that’s a great place to live. It’s a real honour to be able to contribute to that.’

Rolf Groot

Schiphol Fund Board Member

‘Getting enough exercise is healthy and a lot of people really enjoy exercising. You often need specific equipment, and there can sometimes be a lack of funds to buy that equipment. The Schiphol Fund can make the difference between whether you achieve your goal or not, and it’s that added value that makes me happy to support the Schiphol Fund.’

Olga Vossen-de Joncheere

Schiphol Fund Secretary

‘As secretary I have a lot of contact with the people making the applications, and I can offer guidance where necessary. The Schiphol Fund is a great organisation that does its best to bring as much vitality as possible to the area around Schiphol. Everyone needs exercise! It’s great to be part of this initiative.’

Inge Jonker

Financial coordinator Schiphol

‘As the financial coordinator at Royal Schiphol Group, I’m in charge of all the financial matters for the Schiphol Fund. I also do my best to attend all the presentations – they bring the facts and figures to life. It’s rewarding, helping sports clubs to make their initiatives a reality.’

Financial information

The 2017 Financial Statements were drawn up in the first quarter of 2018 and approved by an independent accountant.