Our area of operation: Check your post code

If your club or initiative is based within our area of operation, you could be eligible for a donation. You can check that right now by entering the address or the post code of the organisation for which you’d like to submit an application.

In the Schiphol zone

Has the post code checker confirmed that your club or foundation is located inside our area of operation? And are you looking for sponsorship for an initiative in the Schiphol zone? Then get your application to us ASAP! If your club or organisation is based outside our area of operation, you are unfortunately not eligible to receive a donation. We only consider applications from organisations and projects based inside our area of operation.

Who decides the area of operation?

The Schiphol Local Community Council has marked out this area as the zone that experiences the most advantages and disadvantages as a result of being near the airport. The boundaries are linked to the noise standards of the runways and the nearby postcodes.

  • Conditions

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  • Submitted your application?

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