Request a donation: Complete the form

It’s great that you want to apply to the Schiphol Fund! We always love hearing about new initiatives that are motivating people in our local community to exercise more. The Schiphol Fund donates both small and large amounts. Take a look at the checklist below to find out which type of funding your application could be eligible for. Good luck!

Schiphol Fund application checklist

This checklist will help you work out whether you’re eligible for a donation from the Schiphol Fund. If you can tick all the boxes, your project is eligible to receive a donation.

  • My project or initiative encourages physical exercise;
  • It focuses on amateur sports and games;
  • The project takes place within the area of operation;
  • My club, foundation or organisation is officially based in the area of operation;
  • My club or foundation is not run for profit;
  • 100% of the donation will go towards my project or initiative;
  • I can demonstrate this with price quotations;
  • I have not received any donations from the Schiphol Fund in the last three years.

Check the conditions

Read our terms and conditions before you submit your application to make sure it meets the requirements. The Schiphol Fund donates both small and large amounts.

Send us your application

First, you need to fill in the application form for your donation. Once you’ve done that and your application meets our criteria, we’ll send you a confirmation email with more information, which might include a request for you to send us additional official documents, such as:

  • Description of the project, activity or materials;
  • Budget and financial plan for the project, activity or materials;
  • The quotation(s) you have received for the project;
  • Extract from the Chamber of Commerce commercial register, not older than 1 year;
  • Your club or organisation’s most recent financial statements, balance sheet or annual report;
  • Copies of the permits necessary for your project (where applicable).

We will only process and discuss your application in our board meeting once we receive all of the required documents. Please pay close attention to the closing date. We will postpone incomplete submissions in full until the closing date of the next round. In addition, incomplete applications will automatically expire 6 months after their initial submission date.

In case your application does not meet our criteria we will notify you.

  • Our area of operation

    Want to find out if your club or initiative is based within our area of operation?

  • Submitted your application?

    Read more about the Schiphol Fund timetable and procedures here.

  • Conditions

    Click here to see if your initiative is eligible for a donation from the Schiphol Fund.