Schiphol Privium Excellence: Comfortable and next to Departures with Privium Excellence

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The best place to park at Schiphol

Privium Excellence is the best place to park at Schiphol, for those times when convenience matters most. This luxurious car park has extra wide car spaces, and is directly connect to Departures 3.

  • Sheltered car park
  • Walk to Departures in seconds
  • Park directly opposite the terminal

Address: Jan Plezierweg, 1118 ZG Schiphol

Here’s how Privium Excellence works

Simply park in our luxurious Privium Excellence car park near the terminal, then decide for yourself how long you’d like to park for. This car park gives you more freedom to park at the airport.

Accessible parking

There are many car spaces available for mobility-impaired travellers. These car spaces are located on the first floor. Please ensure your disabled permit is clearly visible on your dashboard.

Electric vehicle charge points

You can recharge your electric car at the Privium Excellence car park if space is available. The EV charge points are located in front of the driveway of the first floor. The consumption rate for electricity is € 0.36 per kWh, with a starting rate of € 1.21. Unfortunately, EV charge points cannot be pre-booked.

Drive in and out with your Privium Plus card

When you reach the barrier, simply swipe your Privium Plus card on the card reader. Once it’s scanned, the barrier will automatically open.

Claim a refund for double parking costs

If your parking reservation costs were paid twice, you can request a refund for the extra cost. This situation may occur when a reservation was made then a parking ticket was taken from the machine, or if the reservation was double-paid by credit card.

Claim a refund for double parking costs

Parking rates Privium Excellence

For Privium Excellence, you do not need to book your parking space online. You can also drive in to Privium Excellence on your day of departure. An online reservation for Privium Excellence gives you a price advantage. If you return later than planned, the extra balance due will be displayed when you insert your ticket into the payment terminal.

Time Rate Privium Excellence
Every 10 minutes € 1.50
Maximum daily rate € 50

Your Privium Excellence reservation

Cancel your reservation

You can cancel your reservation up to 24 hours in advance. To cancel your reservation, simply log in to our system with your reservation number.

Change your reservation

You can change your reservation up to 24 hours in advance for no extra charge. To make changes, simply log in to our system with your reservation number.

Here’s where to find Privium Excellence at Schiphol

Enter Jan Plezierweg, 1118 ZG Schiphol into your GPS system, or follow the signs to P Excellence’. Privium Excellence is near the CitizenM Hotel on your left-hand side.

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