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Start your trip the right way: P6 Valet Parking

When you take advantage of P6 Valet Parking, you simply drive up to garage P6 at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, park your car and hand in your car keys at the desk. That’s it! Then you just have to walk a couple of minutes to the check-in desk.

While you’re starting your trip, we will park your car in our open-air car park at Schiphol. When you return, your car will be ready and waiting in the P6 parking garage so you can simply pick up your keys from the desk and head off to your next destination. Use our exclusive car-wash and drive home with a clean car.

And, of course, you can trust us to take good care of your vehicle. When you arrive at the parking garage you drive along our unique video street, where we record a video of the car to ensure that it comes back to you in precisely the same state as when you entrusted us with your keys. We also track the route and speed for you using GPS, and there will never be more than 12 extra kilometres on the clock.

  • Valet service: hand in your car keys at the desk in P6
  • Accessible within minutes from both Arrivals and Departures
  • New service: an environmentally-friendly car wash
  • Video surveillance, GPS tracker and kilometre registration

Address: Transportstraat, 1118 BG Schiphol, Haarlemmermeer. View the directions to P6 Valet Parking.

How P6 Valet Parking works

When you leave your car with Schiphol P6 Valet Parking, you know it’s in good hands. Our professional staff will drive your car to an enclosed, open-air car park at Schiphol and track their route using GPS. You will never find more than 12 extra kilometres on the clock when you get back from your trip. We even keep a record of the maximum speed.

Unique video street upon arrival

When you arrive in P6, we film your car from all sides in our unique video street. That means that you can be sure you will receive your car in precisely the same state as when you entrusted us with your keys. We store this recording securely, and if you’d like a copy you only have to ask.

Enter and exit with Number Plate Recognition

You enter your licence plate number when you make your reservation. When you arrive at garage P6, we use that number to identify your car and to generate a parking card that will open the barrier when you remove it from the machine. Hand in your car keys and this parking card at the desk in P6, and we will keep them safe until your return. When you get back, we will stamp and return the card to make it easy for you to drive out again.

If your licence plate number changes between making the booking and arriving at the garage, you can update your reservation here.

Electric charging points

Get your electric car recharged while you’re away. Simply ask the on-site parking representative to make sure your battery is recharged by the time you return to collect your car. The starting fee for electric charging is € 1.21, with a consumption rate of € 0.36 per kWh. Please bring your own access card if you wish to use this recharging service. Our EV charge points are subject to availability, so full charge cannot be guaranteed.

Car wash service

Return from a trip and drive home with a clean car with Schiphol’s new car wash service. Your car will be washed without water in an environmentally-conscious way. This innovative method not only saves water but promises a polished and scratch-free result.

Maximum clearance: 2 metres

The maximum clearance at P6 is 2 metres. If your car is taller than 2 metres, please park it at P3 Long-term Parking.

Need to leave within two hours?

You can make an online reservation up to two hours before departure. If you will be leaving in less than two hours before you’d like to park your car, please call the service desk on +31 (0) 20 601 3483 and we will be happy to help. Please keep in mind that we charge an € 8 fee for bookings within these two hours.

Parking rates

You need to reserve P6 Valet Parking online. The rate you pay will depend on your selected parking period and the length of time your car remains with us. If it turns out that you need to extend your trip, the cost of the extra time your car has been parked will be added to your invoice when you return.

Your P6 Valet Parking reservation

Change your reservation

You can change your reservation up to 24 hours in advance for no extra charge. To make changes, simply log in to our system with your reservation number.

Cancel your reservation

You can cancel your reservation up to 24 hours in advance. To cancel your reservation, simply log in to our system with your reservation number.

Where to find P6 at Schiphol

Set your GPS to Transportstraat, 1118 BG Schiphol, or alternatively take the exit for Schiphol from the A4 motorway signed ‘Long-term parking’ and follow the signs to P6 Valet.

Directions: P6 Valet Parking
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