Schiphol Privium Parking: Priority parking comes with extra privileges

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The Privium advantage

With a subscription to Privium Plus, the world’s conveniences are all at your fingertips. You’ll find the best parking places at the front of the car park, reserved just for you. A parking space can be booked up to 4 hours in advance. Before your trip, you can work, relax and recharge in the Privium ClubLounge and Airside Lounge , exclusive to Privium members.

Privium 1

The perfect place to park for up to 48 hours

Privium 1 is ideal if you need to park for up to 48 hours. You will park only a 2-minute walk from Departures. This place has exclusive parking spots at the front of P1, with a special entrance for Privium Plus members. For your convenience, reservations are not required to park here.


In order to offer everyone a parking space, you can park for up to 48 hours at Privium 1. If you exceed this term, the parking costs will be up to € 100 extra per day. If you want to park for longer than 48 hours, please choose another option on Schiphol.

Privium Excellence

Park right next to Departures 3

Privium Excellence is the most convenient place to park at Schiphol. This luxurious car park has extra wide car spaces, right next to Departures 3. Advance reservations are required to park at Privium Excellence.


Privium 3

Long-term parking for 3 days or more

Privium 3 is perfect if you want to park for 3 days or more. Simply park, then take the 5-minute express bus direct to Departures. The bus runs every 10 minutes. For your convenience, reservations are not required to park at Privium 3.


Terminal Valet Parking

Park at the terminal and go

Park right in front of Schiphol and walk straight into Departures. Terminal Valet Parking has its own special entrance, which is located between Departures 2 and 3. From there, it’s just a few steps to your check-in desk. We park your car in a secure, enclosed and sheltered car park, so you can quickly, comfortably and easily begin your trip.


Holiday Privium 1

Long-term parking at the heart of Schiphol

P1 Holiday Parking is perfect for those weekends away, or those holiday periods when you’ll be away for a bit longer. Simply park in the P1 car park, which is directly opposite the terminal. From there, it’s a quick walk to Departures and Arrivals. Book early, because P1 Holiday Parking can only be booked online and has limited availability.


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Privium Plus-discount

Privium Plus members receive an discount:

  • € 5 discount for every day that you park at Schiphol Terminal Valet Parking, to a maximum of 3 days

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Parking rates

With a Privium membership, you do not need to book online. You can also drive in to Privium 1 or Privium 3 on your day of departure. An online reservation for Privium 3 gives you a price advantage. Bookings are only required if you reserve a car space at Privium Excellence parking or Terminal Valet Parking.

Time Privium 1 Privium 3
Every 11-mins € 1.00 -
Up to 48 hours Max. € 37.50 per day -
Day 4 onwards - € 72,50 + 7,50 per day

Drive in with your Privium Plus card

You can park at the front of Privium 1 and Privum 3 by swiping your card at the parking barrier. The only time you need a reservation is if you choose to park at Privium Excellence or if you want to make use of Terminal Valet Parking.

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If you have any questions about parking options, Privium Plus membership or anything else, don’t hesitate to contact us at or on 020 601 4222.

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