Assistance at the airport: Our Airport Caddies: We’re proud to assist you

If you need assistance at the airport, please let your airline or tour operator know at the time of booking your plane ticket. After that, simply follow up with us by emailing us with details of your request. That way, you’ll be certain that an Airport Caddy will be waiting for you when you arrive at Schiphol.

Please book in advance

If you need help from the car park, bus depot, train platform or entrance to the terminal, please let us know. Simply email to make an appointment and an assistant will be booked for you.

Please provide us with the following information in your email:

  • Flight number
  • Your first and last names
  • Your flight dates
  • What time you plan to arrive at Schiphol
    We advise arriving 3 hours prior to departure.
  • Where at Schiphol you would prefer to be collected
  • Your mobile number
  • The assistance code that best matches your situation:
    • WCHR: for travellers who cannot walk long distances
    • WCHS: for travellers who cannot walk long distances or use stairs
    • WCHC: for travellers who cannot walk and need to be lifted in to their seats
    • DEAF: for travellers who are hard of hearing or deaf
    • BLND: passengers who are visually impaired or blind
    • DPNA: for travellers with a mental disability.

And the airlines may use the FreeText box for additional information about your reduced mobility.

Assistance without a prior reservation

Please register at the Assistance Desk if you have already checked in, or at a registration desk if you are still yet to check in. Please bear in mind that it may take a while before an assistant can help you if you don’t book someone in advance.

Here you will find the assistance sign-in posts:

  • Departures 3, door B
  • Departures 3, door D
  • Departures 2, door E
  • Departures1, door G
  • The meeting point at train platforms 1-2
  • Near the traverse in front of the WTC
  • At the P3 lodge
  • The hotel buses directly outside Schiphol Plaza
  • Excellence Parking at the 1st floor corridor