Electric vehicle (EV) charge points : Charge your electric car

At Schiphol we encourage the use of electric cars. Most of our parking locations have charging points for electric cars. You cannot reserve these places, but if a charging point is free, you can use it. The consumption rate for charging your car is € 0.40 per kWh with a starting rate of € 1.21 (rates are incl. VAT).

  • P1 Parking

    Level 2 (roof), rows 206-7

  • P3 Long Term Garage

    Sheltered parking only, ground floor, right of entrance.

  • P6 Valet Parking

    Ask for your car to be charged at key hand-over.

  • Terminal Valet Parking

    Ask for your car to be charged at key hand-over.

  • Privium Excellence Parking

    Level 1

  • Privium Parking in P1

    Level 1, row 101 (Windmill)

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to complete a form somewhere to let you know that I have an electric car?

No, you do not have to tell us in advance that you will be driving an electric vehicle. You can find a list of all EV charge points here.

Can I reserve an EV charge point?

No, unfortunately you cannot reserve an EV charge point at Schiphol.

Is extra power required to park at a charging station?

You do not need additional authorisation for charging your electric car. You can use the charging points with your EV charging pass (laadpas).

What are the fees for charging my vehicle?

You pay € 0.40 cents per kWh for electric charging, with a starting rate of € 1.21 (rates are incl. VAT).

Am I also charged for the loading time at Schiphol?

No, you do not pay for the time that your car has been connected to a charging station. You simply pay the starting rate of € 1.21, as well as the electricity price (€ 0.40 cents per kWh) (rates are incl. VAT).

Is there a maximum loading time?

No, there is currently no limit to how long you will keep a charging point occupied at Schiphol Airport.