Terms and conditions Schiphol Parking & Schiphol Valet Parking: The fine print on parking


Terms and Conditions. We know most people accept them, but very few actually read them. That’s because they are long and full of legal terminology. But they are here for a good reason: the terms and conditions need to be comprehensive to protect you and us.

The text below is a summary of the complete legal version. It is not a replacement of our actual terms and conditions. But it will give you a general impression of the content you probably won’t read anyway. All services and Schiphol Parking Schiphol Valet parking only apply to the full terms and conditions. To read the dry, long legal versions go to Schiphol Parking and Schiphol Valet Parking.


You’ll need either a parking ticket or a credit card to enter the garage or parking lot. If you made a reservation, your number plate can also be used to enter the parking areas.

Car spaces

You can’t reserve a specific space such as the "second floor" or "close to the exit”. You will be assigned a random parking space. The top floor of the car park is not covered at all, and all parking spaces are located on site at Schiphol.

Schiphol Valet Parking

You can only use Schiphol Valet Parking if you book the service ahead of time. Once you hand your keys off at the appointed parking area, one of our parking employees will park your vehicle in a safe place onsite at Schiphol Airport. When you return your car will be ready for you. And your car’s rides will be registered with a GPS system.

Electric cars

There are a limited number of parking spaces available for electric cars. Charging stations are available, but they cannot be reserved. That’s why you must make sure your vehicle has enough of a charge as well as an additional fuel source before you enter the car park.


If your vehicle is under the maximum five meters long, 1.90 meters wide, weighs less than 2,500 kilos and is lower than the maximum specified height at the entrance of the parking area, you can easily fit. Note that the car parks and underground car parks are only available for vehicles that are less than two meters high. The P3 car park is accessible to vehicles higher than two meters.

Denial of entry

We may in all fairness deny your vehicle entry, even if you have reserved a space. For example, if we have strong reason to believe there are hazardous substances in a vehicle.


If you do not comply with the rules, then we may move or remove your vehicle. The costs involved will be applied to your account.

Traffic rules

We follow the traffic rules, unless otherwise specified by a parking attendant or in case of temporary traffic measures.

Parking duration

You may not exceed the maximum 90-days duration to park unless you have asked our permission to do so. If you remain longer than agreed, and do not respond to our correspondence, your vehicle may be removed at your expense.

Opening hours

We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks per year.


You are charged for the actual time your vehicle has been parked. The parking rates are displayed on a sign at the entrance to the car park or on your reservation.


There are video cameras in the parking areas. However, we encourage you to remove any valuables or other goods from your vehicle.


You park at the airport at your own risk. Schiphol Netherlands BV is not liable for any loss, theft or damage to the vehicle while it is parked.


You can reserve a parking service online at our website. The reservation is only valid at the agreed time and for the agreed duration and space. The booking must be made at least one day in advance. Be sure to fill in the correct details on the booking form. You will receive a confirmation email once the booking process is complete. Any change or cancellation to your booking must be made more than 24 hours before the start date of your parking day.

Personal details

Schiphol Netherlands BV adheres to the Data Protection Act. We store the data you entered and make customised offers based on your online preferences and behaviour. If you want to opt out, please email your request to info@schiphol.nl.

Last point

You can only use our parking products once you have accepted the Terms and Conditions of Schiphol Parking.