VIP services: Reach the VIP centre

The main entrance to the VIP centre is located at the end of Jan Plezierweg, right next to Excellence Parking.

Route VIP-centre

I’m taking a taxi or being driven

Simply ask your driver to take you to the 'Schiphol VIP centre', or check below for detailed driving instructions. Someone from our team will welcome you upon arrival at the VIP centre.

I'm parking my own car

You cannot leave your car at the VIP centre itself. Please park at one of the following nearby places.

Schiphol P6 Valet Parking

If you have reserved the Schiphol VIP service, you may leave your car near the VIP centre and hand over your car key at reception. The employees of P6 Valet Parking will then park your car in a secure, closed off and covered parking garage. Upon return your car will be ready for you at the VIP centre.

Driving instructions

The VIP centre is listed in Google Maps. Click here for a detailed route description.

To get there, simply enter 'Jan Plezierweg' or 'Schiphol VIP centre' into your GPS. When you arrive at Schiphol, drive past the backside of the citizenM hotel. Then, at the end of the road, you turn left. You will drive past Excellence Parking (on your right). Take the first road on the right. You are now at the entrance of the VIP centre.