Privium Plus: The best way to travel

Do you travel several times a year? Privium Plus gives you priority at Schiphol, as well as access to exclusive services. Discover all the advantages of our frequent flyer membership.

  • Fast security and border clearance
  • Access to the Privium Lounges
  • Priority parking and access to the Privium Excellence Garage
  • Business class check-in

Your Privium Plus advantages

Priority at security

You’ll have access to the Priority waiting area at the security check. Thanks to the iris scan, passport control will take no more than 10 seconds.

Exclusive lounges

Head to the Privium Lounges for luxury and comfort. This is where you can enjoy quality food, stylish workstations and lightning-fast WiFi.

Priority parking

Park in Privium 1 or Privium 3, or next to Departures in the Privium Excellence Garage or Privium 6 Valet. You’re always within walking distance.

Business class check-in

Many airlines allow Privium Plus members to benefit from business class check-in. It’s not only fast, but also convenient when you wish to check in your luggage.

Extra benefits for Plus members

As a Privium Plus member, you benefit from Privium at other Dutch airports and get great offers from our partners.

Discover all of the benefits

Frequently asked questions

How do I become a Privium member?

In only four steps you become a Privium member and profit from a fast and smooth service during your Schiphol travels.

  1. Make a choice between Privium Basic and Privium Plus. Click on your choice and complete the registration form. You will receive a confirmation e-mail.
  2. Activate your My Schiphol account.
  3. Make an appointment to create your Privium card. You can easily do this online through your My Schiphol account.
  4. Activate your Privium card in the Privium ClubLounge Departures. During your appointment we will create the Privium card with your passport details and unique iris pattern. You can choose your payment method in the Privium ClubLounge Departures. You membership and Privium card are immediately ready for use.

Do I have to be a frequent flyer to become a Privium member?

No – in fact, you are welcome to become a Privium member no matter how often you fly, or what airline or travel class you choose to fly in. You also do not need to be a member of any airline’s frequent flyer programme.

How do I upgrade from Privium Basic to Privium Plus?

You can change your subscription. You can also upgrade your card immediately by visiting the Privium ClubLounge Departures.

Do I have to bring my passport when I use Privium services?

Yes, you must always be able to identify yourself using a valid travel document (passport or European I.D. card). The Royal Dutch Marechaussee (Police) can ask to check it at any time. In addition, you must always be able to show a valid travel document when entering your destination country.

Can I make use of the Privium card immediately after subscription?

After submitting your online membership subscription, you make an appointment at the Privium ClubLounge Departures where we will create your Privium card using your passport details and your unique iris pattern. In the Privium ClubLounge Departures you can choose a method of payment. After this, your Privium card will be ready for use and your subscription is activated.

How do I Reactivate my Privium membership

Do you still have your Privium card and do you want to reactivate it? In many cases, we can arrange this for you remotely using this form.

Conditions for remote activation:

  • You still have your Privium card and want the same type of membership as you had before
  • The card must still be valid (see expiration date on the card)
  • You have not received a new travel document (such as a passport) since your Privium membership ended. This is because a new travel document has not been linked to your Privium card.

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