Exclusive benefits and discounts

Especially for you! We offer you these exclusive discounts and rewards in conjunction with our partners. Being a Privium Plus member means you’ll enjoy many advantages.
  • Privium at other Dutch airports

    Privium members can use the Fast Track and get access to the Aspire Lounge at Eindhoven Airport and the Prima Vista Lounge at Rotterdam The Hague Airport free of charge.

  • Priority Pass: worldwide airport lounges

    Privium member you can save 30% on a membership of Priority Pass: world's premiere airport lounge membership programme.

  • American Express Platinum

    All the benefits of Privium Plus, access to 1400 airport lounges worldwide, upgrades at hotels and much more.

  • Seal & Go

    Protect your baggage with Seal & Go and use Seal & Trace for free. Privium Plus members will get an Ultimate sealing for the price of a Basic sealing.

  • Schiphol Business Taxi 10% discount

    Want to start your flight relaxed? Then book the Schiphol Business Taxi with a 10% discount. Enter the following code in the 'Promotional code' field: PRIV2305.

  • NoLongerLost

    Losing your luggage after a trip is something you don't want to have to deal with. Receive a 25% discount on the product range using the discount code: Privium25. The perfect way to protect your valuables.

  • Bang & Olufsen

    Privium Plus members enjoy a nice discount on selected Bang & Olufsen products. Occasionally there are very unique products available.

  • Free membership: Luggo Premium

    GoLuggo picks up your luggage at your home and delivers it to your destination. As a Privium member, you’ll get extra 10% discount on every booking.

  • A unique mix of services

    Privium Plus members enjoy Pearlcard's personalised exclusive services and unique offers at no extra cost.

  • Conference room 20% discount

    IWG offers discounts of up to 20% on various meeting rooms at Schiphol for Privium Plus members. They also offer workplaces in locations worldwide.

  • Discount on Language trainings

    Improve your language skills? Privium members receive an exclusive discount on language training with the European Language Centre. include your Privium membership number when applying.

Privium Plus and American Express Platinum

All the benefits of Privium Plus and access to 1,300 airport lounges worldwide, annual €300 dining credit and much more.

More about the Platinum Card

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a Privium member?

You can become a Privium member in just five steps. Then, you’ll start enjoying various privileges while travelling through Schiphol.

  1. Choose the Privium membership that suits you best and enter your email address.
  2. If you already have a My Schiphol account, we will ask you to log in so that we can already fill in some details for you. If you do not have a My Schiphol account, you will be taken straight to the enrolment form.
  3. Fill in the (rest of the) enrolment form and make an appointment to create your Privium card.
  4. You will receive a confirmation email within a few minutes. Keep an eye on your spam folder, just in case.
  5. Activate your Privium card in the Privium ClubLounge Departures. During your appointment, we will create your Privium card with your passport details and unique iris pattern. The Privium card is then ready for use and your membership starts immediately.

How can I change my subscription type?

You can change your subscription in My Schiphol. From Basic to Plus is always possible; from Plus to Basic is only possible after the first year of membership. When making a change, you can select your own date for when the change takes effect. When you change your membership (Plus to Basic or Basic to Plus), a new card needs to be created in the Privium ClubLounge Departures. You can make an appointment for this in My Schiphol.

How can I make use of Privium Extra’s?

Receive exclusive discounts at Schiphol Plaza and at other companies. Privium is continuously working together with its partners on making your travel experience as relevant as possible with competitive prices. To make use of all the Privium extra’s there are additional steps to be taken, depending on the type of benefit.
Click on the benefit of your choice and see what steps need to be taken.

Do these extra’s also apply to a Privium Plus trial subscription?

Yes, those benefits also apply to a Privium Plus trial subscription.

When does my membership start?

During your appointment in the Privium ClubLounge Departures, we will create your Privium card, including a scan of your iris for fast border passage. Your card will then be ready for use immediately and your membership will take effect at that time.

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