For our Privium members: Discover the Privium gate and iris scan

As a new Privium member, you will receive your own, personal Privium card. You are the only person able to use this card. It gives you access to the Priority Waiting Area at security and offers you priority over regular travellers. However, you do not have priority over other travellers within the Priority Waiting Area. When entering the security waiting area, you must have a valid travel document and boarding pass.

You’ll also have your iris scanned as part of your new membership setup. Flying to a non-Schengen country? The iris scan allows you to quickly pass through border control after the security check.

The Privium gate and iris scan explained

Where can you find Schiphol’s Privium gates?

At departure
If you have a departing flight, you will find the Privium gates at each Priority Waiting Area before the security check. Flying to a non-Schengen destination? Then there are also Privium gates with an iris scan to cross into the secure area. These gates are usually located to the right of the Dutch Royal Military Police (Marechaussee) counters. There are signs to identify the gates.

On arrival
If you arrive from a non-Schengen destination, there are Privium gates at border control. If you are transferring between flights at Schiphol, there are Privium gates at the transfer area between Schengen and non-Schengen, as well.

How does the Privium gate work?

  • Hold your Privium card against the contactless icon*.
  • Leave the card in place until it is read.
  • The Privium gate will open automatically and you can proceed to the Priority Waiting Area at security.
  • Use the Privium gates at border control in the same way.

*Privium members who still have an old Privium card should insert the Privium card into the card reader. The Privium gate then opens automatically.

The Privium iris scan: crossing the border in the blink of an eye

  • At the border passage, look straight into the mirror.
  • Keep your head still (don't follow the camera, which can move up and down). The iris scan automatically scans your iris.
  • The scan is compared with our database. The gate opens as soon as you are recognised.

If the scan does not work for any reason, the gate will open on the left and you will be the first in line to have your passport checked by the Dutch Royal Military Police (Marechaussee).

Safe for lenses and glasses

The iris scan poses no risk to your eyes or health. At the border passage, you can use the scan as directed while wearing corrective lenses or glasses. Are you wearing tinted glasses or sunglasses? Please take these off.

With an eye on privacy

As you would expect, Schiphol meets all legal requirements for privacy. So, we make every effort to keep your personal data safe.

Your biometric information is encrypted and stored in a secure database or on the chip of your Privium card. We explain in detail how we handle your data in our Privacy Statement.

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