Privium FAQ: Everything you need to know about Privium

This page answers the most commonly-asked questions asked by new and existing Privium members. Whether you have questions about the iris scan, your Privium card or our lounges, you’ll find everything you need to know right here.

Privium membership applications possible via waiting list

It is possible to sign up for Privium again. But to guarantee the quality of our services, we are working with a waiting list. As soon as you are able to register, we will send you an email to finalise your application. Typically, you’ll receive that email within one month.

Once you have registered, you can schedule an appointment in the Privium ClubLounge Departures to activate your membership and collect your Privium card. The waiting time for an appointment is approximately 4-5 weeks.

Simply register for the waiting list via the button below.

Already a Privium member and do you want to register a Privium Partner membership? For more information, simply log in to your My Schiphol account.

Reactivate your Privium membership

Do you still have your Privium card and do you want to reactivate it? In many cases we can arrange this for you remotely using this form.

Conditions remote activation:

  • You still have your Privium card and want the same type of membership as you had before;
  • The card must still be valid (see expiry date on the card);
  • No new travel document may have been requested since your Privium membership ended. This is because it has not been linked to your Privium card;
  • The membership must not have been cancelled more than 2 years ago.

Questions about becoming a member

How do I become a Privium member?

In only four steps you become a Privium member and profit from a fast and smooth service during your Schiphol travels.

  1. Make a choice between Privium Basic and Privium Plus. Click on your choice and complete the registration form. You will receive a confirmation e-mail.
  2. Activate your My Schiphol account.
  3. Make an appointment to create your Privium card. You can easily do this online through your My Schiphol account.
  4. Activate your Privium card in the Privium ClubLounge Departures. During your appointment we will create the Privium card with your passport details and unique iris pattern. You can choose your payment method in the Privium ClubLounge Departures. You membership and Privium card are immediately ready for use.

Do I have to be a frequent flyer to become a Privium member?

No – in fact, you are welcome to become a Privium member no matter how often you fly, or what airline or travel class you choose to fly in. You also do not need to be a member of any airline’s frequent flyer programme.

I do not have a Dutch passport. Am I still able to become a Privium member?

You can only become a Privium member if you are in possession of a valid passport or European I.D. card from a country within the European Union, or one from Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Norway or Iceland.

If you are an asylum seeker or refugee you are unfortunately not able to register as a Privium member due to limitations set by the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee. Even with a residence permit, you cannot become a Privium member.

I do not have a European passport, but I am registered with the Registered Traveller Programme (RTP-NL). Can I become a Privium member?

Unfortunately this is not currently possible.

I have diplomatic status but no European passport. Can I become a Privium member?

Unfortunately, that’s not currently allowed.

I have dual citizenship – can I become a Privium member?

Yes, as long as the nationality you hold is a country within the European Union, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Norway or Iceland.

Can I become a member with an expired or emergency passport?

No, you can not apply to become a Privium member with an expired or emergency passport.

Is Privium accessible for wheelchair users?

Yes, Privium is accessible for wheelchair users. The Privium ClubLounge can be reached by elevator. Unfortunately, the special Privium automated border passage using the iris scan is unsuitable for wheelchair users; however, special passageways are available.

Questions about membership terms

When will my Privium membership card be ready?

Once you receive email confirmation of your membership, you will be invited to visit the Privium ClubLounge Departures. Once you’re there, we will make your Privium card on-the-spot, and take an iris scan so that you can use the fast border passage. The entire appointment takes around 20 minutes and your card will be ready for immediate use.

What documents should I bring with me for my initial appointment to create the Privium card?

To prepare your card for immediate use, we need to see your valid passport or European ID card. Please note that a driver’s licence cannot be used as identification.

How do I upgrade from Privium Basic to Privium Plus?

You can change your subscription. You can also upgrade your card immediately by visiting the Privium ClubLounge Departures.

How do I cancel my Privium subscription?

You can cancel your subscription in My Schiphol or use this form. Please note that there is a notice period of one month. You can still use your Privium membership privileges until the end date you have chosen. Please note that your subscription cannot be terminated within your first subscription year. If you cancel during that time, your membership will automatically terminate one year after you first registered.

How do I cancel my Privium trial subscription?

You can not cancel your trial membership during your trial period. Would you like to end your membership after the trial period? Please inform us at least one month ahead of the end of the trial period using My Schiphol.

I lost my My Schiphol login details – how do I recover them?

You can create a new password on the My Schiphol login page. Click ‘Forgot your password?’, enter your email address, and we will email you a link. Simply click that link to reset your password. If you continue to experience problems logging in, please contact us at or +31 (0) 20 601 4222.

Why do I need new Privium login details?

Privium implemented a new online system in June 2019 (My Schiphol). That system will enable you to manage your membership details and pay your invoices online. Since it is a new system, you will need to create a new account and password, as your old login details will expire.

What should I do if I haven’t received an email about my account activation or login details?

The email was automatically sent to the email address that we have on file for you. If you no longer have access to that email address, or have not received any emails from us, please contact us on +31 (0) 20 601 4222.

Which online payment methods does Privium accept?

You can pay your invoices online using iDeal, Mastercard and Visa.

Do I have to arrange everything online in the My Schiphol account system?

You do not have to arrange everything online. If you prefer, you can change your membership detail by phone on +31 (0) 20 601 4222. Alternately, you can visit the Privium ClubLounge desk. Invoices can also be paid at the ClubLounge, or you can arrange this yourself through your own bank.

Questions about your Privium card

Will I automatically receive a new Privium card every year?

Every Privium card has a standard validity of 10 years, so you will retain the same card year-by-year. You can request a new card in case of loss, theft or damage. However, if any of those situations occur, please be aware that we will need to re-scan your iris . A new card will also need to be created at the Privium ClubLounge if you up or down-grade your type of subscription.

Can I lend someone my Privium card for parking?

No, your Privium card is strictly for your own use. The card cannot be loaned to someone else. This forms a part of the General Terms and Conditions.

What should I do if I lose my Privium membership card?

We’re sorry to hear that your card is lost. If that happens, please call us as soon as possible on +31 20 601 4222 or email us at Your card will be blocked immediately and use of the Privium facilities will be suspended. You will need to make a new appointment for a new membership card in My Schiphol. For that appointment, please bring a valid passport or European I.D. card. A drivers’ licence is not acceptable as identification. Are you still in possession of the white card with QR code that you received during your Privium membership activation? Please take it with you to the appointment. In that case another iris scan process is not necessary.

Can I make use of Privium services if I left my card at home?

Unfortunately, no – your card is your entry ticket to the priority area at central security, car parks and business class check-in at participating airlines. Your card also has your iris scan information stored on it, so it is needed for the border passage. You also need your card to access the Privium ClubLounge.

Do I have to bring my passport when I use Privium services?

Yes, you must always be able to identify yourself using a valid travel document (passport or European I.D. card). The Royal Dutch Marechaussee (Police) can ask to check it at any time. In addition, you must always be able to show a valid travel document when entering your destination country.

What should I do if the Privium border returns the status 'membership expired'?

Please contact Privium on +31 20 601 4222 or visit the Privium ClubLounge.

Will my ticket or boarding pass be checked?

The Royal Netherlands Marechaussee and the Security Personnel do random security checks. To clear the border using the iris scan, you must have a valid boarding pass with you. This forms a part of the General Terms and Conditions.

Why is my Privium Plus card blocked at the Privium car park entry?

Your Privium Plus card will be automatically blocked when an invoice is unpaid, or when your card is replaced or stolen. The old card is automatically blocked. For questions, please visit the Privium ClubLounge or call us on +31 20 601 4222.

Questions about the Privium gate and iris scan

How does the iris scan work at the border passage?

Click here for a clear description of how to use the Privium gate and iris scan.

How tall do I need to be to use the iris scan?

The iris scan is available to everyone taller than 1.55 metres (5’,11⁄32”). People of a shorter stature will be unable to make use of it.

What happens if the scanner fails to scan my iris?

  • If the iris scan fails, you will be directed to the regular passport control area. If that happens, you will be helped immediately and not sent to the back of the queue.
  • If you are still having problems with the iris scan, please contact us on +31 20 601 4222. Please note that the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee occasionally has random checks, which sometimes makes it seem as if the iris scan is not working.

When was the iris scan opened at the border?

As soon as the passport control areas are opened inside the terminal, the iris scan at the Privium ports will also be opened. You will then be able to cross the border. If a border crossing is closed on departure, arrival or transfer at Schiphol, the Privium border gate will also be closed. You can then use the border passage at another location inside the terminal.

Questions about the Privium Lounges

When can I make use of the Privium Lounges?

We welcome all Privium Plus members, either by themselves or travelling with a Privium Partner member. We also welcome travellers who hold a guest voucher. Please remember to bring your Privium card (or guest voucher) and boarding pass with you any time you visit the lounges. The Privium ClubLounge Departures is only accessible with a boarding pass for a flight departing on that day. Children, babies or partners who do not hold a card will be unable to enter the lounge. You are also unable to bring pets into the Privium Lounges.

Can I also bring a guest to the Privium Lounges?

As a Privium Plus member, your guests are also welcome at the Privium Lounges. If your guest is aged 12+ and in possession of a boarding pass for that day, you can buy a Guest Voucher for € 35 at the Privium Lounges reception desk. Does your guest become a Privium Plus member on the spot? Then the guest voucher is on us!

What are the opening times of the Privium ClubLounge Departures, Privium ExpressLounge and Privium ClubLounge West?

The Privium ClubLounge Departures is open every day between 05:30-21:00.

The Privium ClubLounge West is open every day between 05:30-21:00.

The Privium ExpressLounge is open every day between 05:30-21:00.

If you are visiting to activate your membership or to create a new Privium card, please note that this is only possible from 06:00-20:30 in the Privium Lounge Departures.

Can I visit the Lounges after security when I arrive on a flight to Schiphol

Yes; it does not matter if you are arriving at or departing from Schiphol. Anyone who has access to the Privium ClubLounge West or Privium ExpressLounge on the basis of a Privium Plus or partner membership, or with a Guest Voucher, is welcome to visit the Privium lounges. However, the only condition is that you must be able to show a boarding pass.

In which lounge can I make an iris scan to become a Privium member?

This is possible in the Privium ClubLounge Departures before security. The other Privium Lounge do not have an iris scanning facility or the possibility to become a Privium member.

Questions about My Schiphol

What is My Schiphol?

From your Schiphol account, you can view your Privium invoices, change your membership and check your personal information. You can easily and quickly book a parking spot. The details/information of your next booking will be saved and automatically filled in the next time you book.

More information about My Schiphol, or log in to My Schiphol.

I am Privium member, but I do not have login credentials yet

Using My Schiphol is only possible after you have created an My Schiphol account. You will need your Privium number, among other things. After that, you can create your My Schiphol account in a few clicks. Do you have a Privium Partner or Privium Corporate membership? Then the above does not apply. Call us for further support on 020 601 42 22.

More information about My Schiphol, or log in to My Schiphol.

How do I create an My Schiphol account?

To create an My Schiphol account, you will need a Privium membership. Are you already a Privium member? Click the link in the email confirmation to activate your My Schiphol account.

More information about My Schiphol.

Why can’t I log in?

It is possible that you do not have an active account or a membership yet. To log in you will need an My Schiphol account and a Privium membership.

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