Flying for the deaf and blind: What if you have a visual or auditory disability

If you have visual or hearing difficulties, you can request assistance when you fly from Schiphol. We are happy to help you from the moment you arrive at Schiphol to the moment you're sitting in the plane, and vice versa. Schiphol is a 'silent airport'. There are virtually no announcements and your flight information can always be seen on screens in the terminal. Do you have a guide dog? Your dog can of course always accompany you on your journey, but you should still ask your airline first.

PRM assistance blind train station

Requesting assistance

In order to assist you as best we can at Schiphol, it is important that you indicate that you are deaf or blind and need extra help when you book your flight. Tell your airline exactly what you require. Your request for assistance must be submitted to your airline at least 48 hours before your flight departs. If you do not submit a request in advance, we will of course still help you. However, in that case you should take a longer waiting time into account.

Guide dogs can travel with you

Always inform your airline if you are flying with your guide dog. Your dog can come for free and there are places to walk your dog both before and after security. Make sure that your dog has the correct certificates that are also valid internationally. You must register your guide dog in advance.

PRM assistance departure guide dog

Assistance as soon as you arrive

Do you need assistance as soon as you arrive at the airport, like at the train station or car park? An assistant can meet you at a call point and guide you to the check-in desk. When you arrive, report to one of the call points at Schiphol. You can find the locations of the 27 call points here.

What is a silent airport?

At a 'silent airport' like Schiphol we hardly make any announcements. All important information about your flight, such as gate changes, delays and cancellations, are shown on flight information screens, on this website and in the Schiphol app. This app can be downloaded onto your phone. There are also information kiosks and Schiphol employees walking around who you can always ask for help if you think you are missing information.

Facilities for the visually impaired

  • We are working hard on guidelines that can help visually impaired people to move independently through the airport. The guidelines are not yet available.
  • Locations to walk your guide dog.

Facilities for the hearing impaired

  • Silent airport
  • We are working hard on an induction loop and speech to text facilities. As soon as they become available, we will let you know on this website.