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There are a number of rules about hand and hold baggage – and what items go where. Please check the following list, as well as any regulations at your destination.

Hand baggage checker

Hand baggage

Many items are allowed in your hand baggage, except those that appear on the list of hazardous items. Some items can only be taken in your hold baggage, like scissors or nail files. If you mistakenly packed something in your hand baggage after checking-in your hold baggage, simply go to one of our ‘Seal & Go’ service counters located in Departures 2 or 3 to send it. Please check the maximum size and weight of your hand baggage with your airline.

Liquids and gels

  • You may bring liquids and gels on-board for your personal care, but each container cannot hold more than 100-ml.
  • Store the containers in a transparent, re-sealable plastic bag that holds no more than 1-litre. A limit of 1 plastic bag per passenger applies.
  • You can bring a reasonable supply of dietetic foods, or medicines. Therefore, please bring a prescription for your medicine. And if you travel with a baby of up to 1.5 years of age, a supply of baby food for the trip can be brought along in your hand baggage.
  • You can bring all items bought at Schiphol or other airports in your hand baggage, as long as they are in a sealed bag together with the receipt. Take a look at these special offers on Schiphol.
  • Any items you purchase that contain over 100-ml of liquid or gel can be left at Schiphol and picked-up when you return. Find out more about our ‘Shop and Collect’ service.

Do you have any doubts about specific items? Call +31 20 794 08 00.

Hold baggage

Every airline sets its own weight limits for hold baggage. Your ticket should state the maximum allowable weight. Most items are allowed in your hold baggage, except those on the list of hazardous items. Please contact your airline if you are in doubt about a particular item.

Import rules for foreign destinations

Please check the IATA Travel Check for the rules about tax-free imports. Just enter your destination and it will show a list of import rules for the country in question. Please contact the customs authorities in your destination if you have specific questions about import rules.

Odd-size baggage

Please go to a check-in desk if you plan to travel with odd-sized items, like skis, surfboards, bicycles, prams or musical instruments.

Travel with your pet

Every airline has regulations for travel with pets. Your pet will usually be kept in a special, heated area of the cargo hold, so they can fly in comfort.

Travel with art and antiques

You are allowed to travel with art and antiques. Whether or not you need to carry a permit depends on the age and value of your treasures. Most EU countries have a specific agreement that specifies whether or not you need a permit. Please read the brochure to see if you need a permit in your particular situation.

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