Welcome back to Schiphol: Do I have to wear a face mask at Schiphol?

Just like in the rest of the Netherlands, you are advised to keep a 1.5-metre distance where possible at Schiphol. Furthermore, face masks are mandatory at some airport locations. We'll be happy to tell you when a face mask is required and when it's not necessary.

Where do I have to wear a face mask?

We kindly request that you wear a face mask throughout the airport. This is mandatory, so that means you wear a face mask from when you arrive at Schiphol Plaza to when you get to the plane. Or from the moment you disembark to when you are outside again. This creates a sense of security not just for you, but also for your fellow travellers. So always wear a face mask at the check in desks, at security, throughout the border processes, during boarding and at reclaim. Schiphol staff are going to be helping you to remember this. You may take the face mask off for a moment to eat or drink, but please put it straight back on again afterwards. There is an exception for people who cannot wear a mouth mask due to their disability or illness. You can find more information on who is exempted from wearing a face mask on the Dutch Government website.

What kind of face mask must I wear and where can I buy one?

There are many places at Schiphol where you can buy face masks. You can go to various shops both before and after security, and there are multiple vending machines all over the airport where you can buy them quickly and easily. The locations are shown on the map. It’s also useful to bring previously purchased face masks with you to Schiphol. This is especially true for those of you travelling to the airport by bus or by train because face masks are also mandatory on public transport. Make sure you only bring non-medical face masks; medical masks are desperately needed in the healthcare sector. Another tip: take enough face masks with you on your trip so that you always have a clean and fresh one to put on after you've landed!

Do children also have to wear a face mask?

Children under 13 do not have to wear a face mask, but it is a good idea to bring extra face masks for you and your children. That’s because there may be different rules in the country you are flying to.

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  • Can I wave goodbye or welcome someone inside?

    We ask you to say goodbye or greet each other outside. So there is enough space for travellers to keep a distance of 1.5 metres inside Departures and Arrivals.

  • Do I need to get tested before I fly?

    At Schiphol we maintain 1.5 metres distance from each other. That can be difficult at some locations, which is why we ask you to wear a face mask there.

  • Do I need a health declaration to travel?

    You need a health declaration to fly. Print two copies and fill them in before flying to and from Schiphol. Read more here.