Eating, drinking and shopping at Schiphol

Many shops and places to eat and drink at Schiphol are open and safe to visit. We make sure that you can get something to eat or drink at a variety of locations throughout the day. The more travellers come to Schiphol, the more establishments we will open. This way, you can avoid potential crowds and simply do your thing at the airport.

For your own safety, measures against COVID-19 are in effect in all shops and eating and drinking establishments. We help you maintain a 1.5 metre distance throughout the airport by indicating the proper walking routes and meeting points. You can disinfect your hands at each entrance. In the shops you must use a shopping basket, so that we know exactly how many people are inside and to prevent it from getting too busy. You can also pay contactless everywhere. Do you want to have a bite to eat and something to drink? You can sit with the people you are travelling with at one table, provided that you come from the same household. Making reservations is not necessary.

Looking for face masks, disinfectant wipes and gloves? You’ll find these in the shops and in special vending machines next to the revolving doors in the departure halls and at Schiphol Plaza.

Advance orders

Want to avoid queues at the eating and drinking establishments at Schiphol Plaza (before security)? Then place an advance order using the Foodsy app. This saves you time and you can pay straight away with your smartphone. For orders at the eating and drinking establishments after security, we are also developing a pre-order option. We expect to launch this in mid-August.

How does the Foodsy app work?

  1. Download the Foodsy app
  2. Choose which restaurant or café at Schiphol Plaza (before security) you want to order from
  3. Look at the menu and select what you want to order
  4. Select a pick up time and pay with your phone
  5. Pick your order up at the designated pick up point in the restaurant or café

Take a look in the Foodsy app to see at which eating and drinking establishments you can order from. These places can also be recognised by the following logo:

foodsy logo 75

Which eating and drinking establishments are open?

Below you’ll find where you can go for a bite to eat and something to drink.

After security

B- and C- Pier

D pier

E-, F- and G-pier

Before security

Relax & Enjoy

Most Schiphol services are available. Opening hours may differ from the times mentioned on the website however. The services listed below are open: