Measures: Schiphol and the coronavirus

COVID-19 has had an impact on air travel for more than two years now. To ensure that your journey to, from or through Schiphol is as safe and responsible as possible, certain measures and recommendations are in place at the airport. Thank you for taking this into consideration.


The usual measures that apply in the Netherlands, such as the advice to give each other space and regularly wash your hands, also apply at the airport. Furthermore, it is mandatory to wear a face mask from the moment you scan your boarding pass until when you get on the plane. And after leaving the plane, you may only take your face mask off after passing through baggage reclaim.

When you fly

Many travel destinations require a negative test result, proof of vaccination or recovery. Whether or not you need a COVID certificate depends on your destination and the rules that apply there. You can find out by checking the travel advisories on Do you want to get tested at Schiphol before departure? Make an appointment with

The 5 most important measures

At Schiphol, we kindly ask that you:

  1. Give each other space whenever possible
  2. Regularly wash your hands
  3. Wear a face mask (this is mandatory from the moment you scan your boarding pass until when you board the plane, or after you have left baggage reclaim)
  4. Bring a negative test result, proof of vaccination or recovery if this applies to your travel destination
  5. Cough and sneeze into the inside of your elbow

Certificate for coronavirus safety measures

Schiphol's coronavirus safety measures have been approved by Airports Council International (ACI). This accreditation demonstrates that we comply with international health and safety guidelines.

Information about corona

  • FAQs

    What time should I arrive at Schiphol? Do I need to wear a face mask? Will I need a negative Covid test result?

  • Which measures can I expect?

    There are fewer travellers but we have to maintain a distance of 1.5 metres, which can mean that it can actually seem busier. How can we give each other enough space?