News: Temporary closure of Schiphol Boulevard

Many routes have changed at Schiphol in recent weeks. This includes the short route to reach P3 Long-term Parking – but the good news is that it’s coming back! Only a small part of Schiphol Boulevard will be closed from 23 October-23 December. Visitors and workers based at Schiphol who usually travel from The Hague to Schiphol should be aware of these traffic diversions.

Schiphol Boulevard closed temporarily

Published on: 19 October 2017

A shorter route to Long-term Parking again

Traffic coming across the A4 from The Hague to Schiphol will be redirected from 23 October. The part of Schiphol Boulevard between Westelijke Randweg and Energiestraat will be closed for a couple of weeks. The road will be divided into two lanes, in order to provide two-way traffic in the future. The new entry/exit can then be connected, so that traffic from Amsterdam can immediately turn right again for a shorter route to P3 Long-term Parking.

An approximately 3-5 minute diversion

Signs indicating the traffic diversion will be placed on-site. If you come from The Hague to P6 Valet, P1 Privium, the World Trade Center, Hilton or Sheraton hotels or offices based at Schiphol, simply follow the signs to reach your destination. Please account for an extra 3-5 minutes of travel time. The new situation must be in effect by the start of the holidays.