Import rules for the Netherlands - Clear customs with ease

Be aware of what you take with you in your baggage, when you travel to Amsterdam. Not everything is allowed in the Netherlands. Customs can check your baggage, to ensure that you do not take any prohibited items with you. Prepare yourself well and read what the import rules for the Netherlands are for alcohol, cigarettes, cash, medicines and food.

Alcohol and cigarettes

If you bought alcoholic beverages and cigarettes during your travels, you may bring them in to the Netherlands. You do not have to pay import duties if you observe the following maximum amounts. There are different regulations in and outside of the EU.


If you have EUR 10,000 or more in cash, you must submit a customs declaration. This rule applies to both cash and securities. Declaration forms can be found on the Customs site.


Usually you are allowed to take medication with you. But sometimes you need a medical certificate or you have to show a medicine passport.


Within the EU, you may travel with fish and dairy products. If you travel into the EU from a non-EU country, then only fish is allowed, but in limited quantities. You may also only take small quantities of vegetables or fruit with you. Fortunately, there is no restriction on chocolate: you may take as much as you like.

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