This is how the iris scan works: Keeping an eye on security

The iris scan is unique to each person and is stored on the Privium card. When arriving at the Privium border passage, you look into the camera and a new scan is made. Three faint red lights, coming from three different positions, are lighting up the eye without using a flash. This iris scan is compared to the scan on your card. The gate opens when the data matches.

Iris scan Schiphol

The iris scan with glasses or contact lenses

When making the original iris scan in the Privium ClubLounge, we ask you to take off your glasses or remove your lenses. So, don't forget to bring your lens box and liquid.

During the iris scan at passport control, you can keep your glasses on and your lenses in. Here, the identification with the iris scan also works when you wear your glasses or contact lenses. Do you wear tinted glasses or sunglasses? Then the iris scanner does not recognize your iris and we will ask you to take off your glasses. Do you have glasses with a thick frame? Then you will get instructions on how to prevent the frame from covering your iris during the scan.

Safe for your eyes and health

The iris scan makes a very detailed image of your iris and poses no risk to your eyes or health. It is a reliable and fast method of biometric (measurable physical characteristics) identification, just like a fingerprint.

Quickly through security and across the border

With your Privium card, you get access to the Priority waiting area through the special Privium passage. In the waiting area, you will see markings on the floor that indicate each 1.5-metres of distance. When it's your turn, continue to the security checks where you have priority over regular passengers. After the security checks, you cross the border with the iris scan. That takes around 10-15 seconds. In that short time, the iris scanner will scan your iris and compare it to the one on your Privium card. The gate will then open and you will be able to cross the border.

Fraud-proof method

Fraud can never be ruled out completely, but an iris scan is very fraud-proof. The iris has many unique features and offers a lot of certainty because of the plentiful recognition points. The technology is so advanced that modern iris scanners also pay attention to the movements of the eye and to pupil reflexes. This makes committing fraud even more difficult.

Your privacy is and remains guaranteed

We make every effort to secure your personal information. Schiphol complies with all legal requirements for privacy. Data gathered by the automatic Privium border passage, and that we pass on to the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee, are the same data they receive through a regular passport control.

The biometric information is stored on the chip of your Privium card and not in a database. The Dutch data protection authority has reviewed and approved the entire process and the use of Privium members' data.

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