For our Privium members: This is how the iris scan works

As a new Privium member, you’ll have your iris scanned. Once you have done this, you can use the extremely fast and safe iris scan at passport control at Schiphol. You simply look into the camera and you’ll be recognised within 10 seconds. Let’s take a closer look this method of identification so that you know what to expect when you use the iris scan for the first time.

Getting an iris scan

Making an iris scan

We welcome you in the Privium ClubLounge Departures, where we then make a detailed scan of your iris.

Border clearance in 10 seconds

If you stand up straight, look into the mirror and keep your head still, the camera will find automatically your iris.The scan will be cross-referenced in our database. The gate opens as soon as you have been identified.

Safe for glasses or lens wearers

The iris scan is in no way harmful to your eyes or your health. You can wear your glasses or lenses at the border crossing. Are you wearing tinted glasses or sunglasses? Then you will need to take them off momentarily.

A fraud-proof method

Thanks to advanced technology, the iris scan is highly accurate and fraud-proof. Modern iris scanners look at eye movements and pupil reflexes, making fraud extremely difficult.

Your first iris scan

Going through the security and passport controls for the first time as a Privium member? Your Privium card grants you access to the Priority waiting area via the special Privium entrance. Here, you’ll see stickers on the floor showing you how to keep your distance. When it’s your turn, you walk through to the security check. You have priority over regular passengers. If you are travelling to a non-Schengen area, you’ll come across the iris scan after security. Look into the mirror, wait to be identified and pass through the gate. You’ll be amazed to see how quickly and easily you pass the border crossing

Focus on privacy

As you would expect, Schiphol complies with all legal requirements regarding your privacy. We do everything to keep your personal data safe. The data we pass on to the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee at the automatic Privium border crossing is the same as the data they would receive during a regular passport check. The biometric information is encrypted and stored in a secured database or on the chip on your Privium card. We explain how we handle your data in more detail in our Privacy Statement.

Frequently asked questions

How do I become a Privium member?

In only four steps you become a Privium member and profit from a fast and smooth service during your Schiphol travels.

  1. Make a choice between Privium Basic and Privium Plus. Click on your choice and complete the registration form. You will receive a confirmation e-mail.
  2. Activate your My Schiphol account.
  3. Make an appointment to create your Privium card. You can easily do this online through your My Schiphol account.
  4. Activate your Privium card in the Privium ClubLounge Departures. During your appointment we will create the Privium card with your passport details and unique iris pattern. You can choose your payment method in the Privium ClubLounge Departures. You membership and Privium card are immediately ready for use.

How tall do I need to be to use the iris scan?

The iris scan is available to everyone taller than 1.55 metres (5’,11⁄32”). People of a shorter stature will be unable to make use of it.

When was the iris scan opened at the border?

As soon as the passport control areas are opened inside the terminal, the iris scan at the Privium ports will also be opened. You will then be able to cross the border. If a border crossing is closed on departure, arrival or transfer at Schiphol, the Privium border gate will also be closed. You can then use the border passage at another location inside the terminal.

When will my Privium membership card be ready?

Once you receive email confirmation of your membership, you will be invited to visit the Privium ClubLounge Departures. Once you’re there, we will make your Privium card on-the-spot, and take an iris scan so that you can use the fast border passage. The entire appointment takes around 20 minutes and your card will be ready for immediate use.

What documents should I bring with me for my initial appointment to create the Privium card?

To prepare your card for immediate use, we need to see your valid passport or European ID card. Please note that a driver’s licence cannot be used as identification.

How does Schiphol handle my personal data?

We do our utmost to protect your personal data, therefore Schiphol complies with all legal privacy demands. The information that is shared with the Royal Marechaussee for the automated Privium boarder passage is the same as they would receive during a regular passport check. The biometric information has been encrypted and stored in a secured database or on the chip of your Privium card.

Can my partner and children also make use of the iris scan?

The use of the iris scan is only applicable if the partner or the child has a Privium membership. The terms and conditions for the application for a Partner membership can be found on the Privium Partner page.

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