Can I travel with a Digital COVID Certificate?

Have you been vaccinated? Do you have a negative test result? Or have you recently recovered from COVID-19? The Digital COVID Certificate is proof of this and will allow you to travel freely within the European Union and to Schengen countries. You may be asked to present this certificate at the check-in desk (also if you have already checked in online) or at the gate before your flight from Schiphol. You can check with your airline whether you need to show your COVID Certificate (QR code) on your smartphone or on paper for your flight.

How does the Digital COVID Certificate work?

The Digital COVID Certificate is a QR code stored on your smartphone. This QR code is scanned when you check in for your flight from Schiphol. The person checking the QR code will see a green screen if you:

  • have been vaccinated
  • have recently received a negative test result
  • have recently had COVID-19

Please note: your proof of vaccination must comply with the Dutch requirements, find out more on

Digital Corona Certificate check

CoronaCheck app

In the Netherlands, the Digital COVID Certificate is part of the CoronaCheck app. You can find more information about it on On this website, you can also find out how you can enter your details (vaccination, negative test result or proof that you have recovered from COVID-19) into the app using your DigiD. The app will generate a unique QR code. If you prefer, you can also get a printed QR code via

Travelling within the EU

As of 1 July 2021, the Digital COVID Certificate (QR code) will be valid in all European Union countries. With this certificate, you can travel to EU destinations and Schengen countries like Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein. Individual countries may still have other requirements regarding testing and quarantine. Check to see what applies to your travel destination.

Want to know more about the European Digital COVID Certificate?

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