Flight mode off:: All about your arrival at Schiphol

Your plane has landed and, after taxiing for a while, you arrive at the gate. Welcome (back) to the Netherlands! Do you know how to get to the baggage hall from the plane and where to exit the airport? Read our useful tips for your arrival at Schiphol in this blog.

Check the app

The first tip for after you land at Schiphol is of course: turn off your phone's flight mode when it's allowed. You can use your mobile phone to check the Schiphol app and see where in the airport you need to go. Conveniently, the app also shows which baggage belt you need to go to and in which arrival hall it is located. This means you can let the people picking you up know where to go too.

Follow the 'Baggage Hall' signs

As you disembark from the plane, check carefully that you have all your belongings with you in your hand baggage. After walking through the passenger bridge (or the platform or bus) , you'll arrive at one of the piers where the gates are. From there, walk towards the lounges (recognisable by all the shops) or the exit. Not sure which way to go? You really only need to pay attention to one yellow sign: 'Baggage Hall'. Follow that sign and you're sure to end up in baggage reclaim!

Smart passport control

If you're coming from outside the Schengen Zone, you may need to go through passport control. You'll go past passport control by following the 'Baggage Hall' signs. Due to crowds at passport control, you may have to wait a while before being allowed to proceed. Tip: check which queue you are in. If you have an EU passport with chip, you can also make use of the passport scanners. This queue often moves faster than the one for all passports. Privium users have priority regardless.


It's a good idea to use the bathroom before going to passport control. Especially if you need to wait a while and don't want to exit the queue. The nearest toilets are usually on the pier where you disembarked the plane.

Which baggage belt?

After passport control, you'll enter the baggage hall. Check the screens to see which baggage belt your suitcase will arrive on. If you get to the baggage hall a bit later, search for your flight in the Schiphol app to find out which baggage belt to go to. In the app you can also see whether your baggage has been unloaded onto the belt. If your suitcase hasn't arrived, go to your baggage handler's information desk. You can find this information in the Schiphol app or on the screens above the baggage belt.

Large and odd-size baggage

Is your bicycle, surfboard, golfing gear or tuba flying with you to Schiphol? After arrival you can pick these kinds of items up from the odd-size baggage belt. Large and odd-shaped baggage arrives on a different belt than standard bags and suitcases. Odd-size baggage can be found at these locations:

  • Arrival hall 1 behind baggage belt 7.
  • Arrival hall 3 behind baggage belt 16.
  • Arrival hall 4 behind baggage belt 20.

Through customs and into the arrival hall

After picking up your baggage you'll go through customs and head into the arrival hall. If you have goods with you from across the border, you may be checked at customs. Do you have 'Nothing to declare'? Follow the green 'Nothing to declare' sign towards the arrival hall. If you do have goods to declare, follow the red 'Goods to declare' sign and report to a customs officer. Please note that once you have passed customs you cannot return to the baggage hall, so make sure you have all your bags with you.

Sliding doors

That special sliding doors moment – when your friends and family are perhaps waiting to greet you – awaits you after customs. From Schiphol Plaza you can make your way to the trains, buses, taxis or car parks. Welcome (back) to the Netherlands!

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