After security

Locations After security:
Lounge 2 Level II, Lounge 3 Level II
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Freshen up after your flight

Feel sparkling clean again after a hot steam shower. Fluffy towels and toiletries are supplied in the privacy of your own shower cabin. You’re welcome to drop in before you start or end your journey!


Simply drop by and see us at YOTELAIR. We're located on the upper level of Lounge 2 in piers D and E, next to the food court. We have 2 shower cabins available to rent for up to 45 minutes, at a cost of € 15. For more information, please visit the YOTELAIR website.

Mercure Hotel

Visit us at the Mercure Hotel Reception. We're located on the upper level in Lounge 3 in piers F, G and H, opposite the KLM Crown Lounge. The shower costs € 19,50 to use, and the price includes a towel and toiletries. For more information, please visit the Mercure Hotel website.

A little more relaxation

Schiphol has several hotspots where you can relax, whether for a hot shower, a great massage or more. It’s relaxation, done your way.

After security

Lounge 2 Level II (Yotel)
24/7 Now open
Lounge 3 Level II (Mercure Hotel)
24/7 Now open

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