Baby Care Lounge
After Security

Locations after security:
Holland Boulevard
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Take care of your baby

When travelling with a baby you may sometimes need a space where you can take care of your baby. The Baby Care Lounge offers private spaces where you can bathe, feed and even let your baby sleep in one of the seven bed cabins.

Various spaces where you can change your baby's nappies are located across the airport. If you wish to give your baby some more attention, you can use the Baby Care Lounge. And parents have not been overlooked – when your baby is sound asleep or playing, parents can also take time out to relax in the Baby Care Lounge.

The Baby Care Lounge is on Holland Boulevard, between Departure Lounges 2 and 3. Note: Lounge 2 and 3 are only accessible for intercontinental passengers.

Locations and opening times

After Security

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