Sustaining Your World: At the airport

Schiphol’s aim is to be a circular and energy-positive airport in 2050. What will the airport be like? We will run entirely on sustainable solar, wind and thermal energy. We will generate more energy than we use and the surplus will go to other consumers.

We will only have electric vehicles, from scissor lifts to hotel shuttles and everything in between. Aircraft will taxi to the runways sustainably – no longer powered by their own kerosene engines, but using electric tugs. All buildings – hangars, offices, the terminal – will be built in a circular way. And when the time comes, we will dismantle them and recycle the materials.

We want to keep on track. That’s why we have two intermediate targets for 2030. Schiphol is to be a zero-waste and emission-free airport in 2030. We will manage? Lots of people are working very hard on this every day! We are constantly taking new measures to reach our goals.

Our 15 measures for an energy-positive and circular airport