Schiphol solar power

An increasing number of buildings at Schiphol have solar panels. This is in line with our ambition to generate sustainable energy on location. Our ultimate goal is to be able to generate 21 MWp in 2030. That covers around 10% of our energy requirement. These solar panels are therefore a great addition to the wind and thermal energy we are using.

Where are the solar panels?

The largest solar farm is on top of long-stay car park P3. The energy generated by these 6000 solar panels powers the entire parking garage. The barriers, lights, ticket machines – all the electricity comes from the solar panels. The oldest solar farm is at the Judicial Complex, Schiphol Noordwest. Since 2012, the grassy fields have been covered with 3000 m² of solar panels. Several offices, the HOV Knooppunt Noord bus station and the petrol station at Schiphol Centrum also have solar panels on the roof. The new Pier A will be getting solar panels too.