CO₂-neutral airport

Schiphol has been CO2-neutral when it comes to our own activities since 2012. This status is verified every year by Airports Council International (ACI), who uses the Airport Carbon Accreditation standard. Schiphol achieved the highest level 4+ in 2022. Any emissions that are still produced are compensated by a Golden Standard project for solar power in India.

Emission-free airport in 2030

Schiphol wants to be an emission-free airport in 2030. This means that our airport activities will not produce any emissions, including the ground handling activities in the runway area. Such initiatives are necessary in order to limit global warming to a maximum of 2 degrees Celsius compared to pre-industrialisation temperatures.

Energy positive in 2050

Our next goal is for 2050, when Schiphol wants to be an energy-positive airport. By that point, we will generate more sustainable energy than we actually need. Surplus energy will go back to the grid so that it can be used by others.