Electric transportation between gate and plane

Schiphol transports travellers from plane to gate and vice versa using electric buses. When it’s busy, not all aircraft are able to go to a gate at the terminal and some have to park further away. We use buses to take people to and from these planes. More than 50 of these buses in the take-off and landing area are electric. We no longer have diesel-powered buses.

DUURZAME TOEKOMST-optimale mobiliteit 2 elektrisch reizen tussen vliegtuig en gate

More seats and space for hand baggage

Electric buses are not only clean, they’re really quiet too. Have a listen next time you are on a bus driving to or from an airplane. They are have more seats and extra space for your hand baggage. How is that possible? Our electric buses have small batteries because they only travel short distances at Schiphol. This means more room for our travellers.