Electric transport between aircraft and gate: Electric from gate to flight

We take our objective seriously not only in the all-access parts of the airport, but also in the areas off-limits to the general public. We now have over 50 electric buses to transport passengers between their aircraft and their gate.

DUURZAME TOEKOMST-optimale mobiliteit 2 elektrisch reizen tussen vliegtuig en gate

Electric transport between aircraft and gate

The electric buses were designed especially for and in collaboration with the airport. We will be increasing the sustainability of the airport's fleet in phases over the coming years. As soon as a vehicle reaches the end of its life cycle, we will see whether an electric alternative is available as a replacement. We will be replacing more and more passenger buses with electric models in the years ahead. Vans and trucks will follow.

Sustainable and comfortable

You do not notice much difference when riding in an electrically-powered vehicle. However, seats on our electric buses are more spacious and comfortable, and there is more room for luggage. We are able to offer this because the buses have a smaller battery tailored to the required action radius at Schiphol. During the design process, extra attention was paid to materials, colours, seats, poles and wrist straps for the sake of exceptional passenger comfort and a stylish look.

Infrastructure and charging stations

The number of electric vehicles in our company-wide operations is growing. Airside, our handling agents are likewise increasingly using electrically powered equipment. The development necessitates effective harmonisation and planning. In addition to expanding electric transport we therefore are also investing in sufficient electric charging stations and enough electrical capacity. The airport is strongly encouraging the use of electric vehicles amongst handling agents by making these charging stations available. Currently, every bus has its own charging station at the airport.