Circular lighting and displays

The lights in Lounge 2 and the traveller information displays are an example of how Schiphol is supporting the circular economy. The manufacturer retains ownership of these lights and displays, Schiphol pays to use them. The airport is the first business to apply this new concept on such a large scale.

First steps towards 100% circular production

This buying concept is a first, important step towards 100% circular production. Because the manufacturer retains ownership of their products, they have an incentive to make these products more durable. Schiphol wants to move away from traditional production that is focused on short shelf-lives and swift replacements. More durable products mean less waste and reduced over-consumption of (scarce) resources.

Lounge 2 lighting: Light as a Service

The lighting in Lounge 2 is the first product that we acquired using the new buying concept. Signify (formerly Philips Lighting) owns the fixtures, Schiphol pays to use them. Signify adapted the fixtures in consultation with maintenance company Engie Services. The parts can now be more easily replaced. The longevity of the lighting has been extended by 75% as a result. When the fixtures are at the end of their useful life, Signify will take them back for recycling.

Traveller information screens: Display as a Service

Since 2019, Schiphol has been paying for only the use of all (almost 3000) digital information displays. They belong to BIS|Econocom. These are used to display departure and arrival times, notifications and advertisements. You can find them all over Schiphol: in Arrivals and Departures, in the lounges, on the piers and at the gates. Upon replacement, BIS|Econocom ensures that as many screens as possible find a new home. Those that cannot be reused are recycled in an environmentally-friendly way.