Separate waste collection

Schiphol Group wants all its airports to be Zero Waste in 2030. We will no longer have residual waste, only waste streams that are fully reused or recycled. At Schiphol, we ensure that our waste streams deliver the highest possible value. And we strive to have as few waste streams as possible by reducing and preventing waste.

40 different waste streams

We collect 40 different waste streams at Schiphol, including organic waste, plastic, paper, metal, fluorescent tubes and coffee grounds. This waste comes from the terminal and offices, as well as from the aircraft.

There are three recycling facilities in the terminal basement. This is where we collect the separate waste streams. Each stream has its own container. Our partners ensure the highest quality processing of these waste streams.

Separate collection of PET bottles

A 15 cent deposit on PET bottles and cans was introduced on the 1st of July 2021 in the Netherlands. Although Schiphol is exempt from mandatory collection and deposit refunds, we collect the bottles separately nevertheless. Collecting plastic bottles at the airport fits well with our goal of being a waste-free airport by 2030.

If you’d prefer to get your deposit back, you can return your bottle at one of the locations indicated by Stichting Statiegeld Nederland. In general, these locations are larger supermarkets, manned petrol stations along motorways and manned public transport locations (not Schiphol Plaza).